Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sergeants - Day of Days at EWG

I brought out the Sergeants - Day of Days for another go to the club last night.

Gord & Justin played while I hosted.

Gord was new to the club & played the US Paratroopers, Justin played the Germans. Below we see both forces strung out, discovering that with the 3 square spotting range due to it being night, wasn't allowing for a lot of spotting.

Eventually the Germans moved forward & were able to kill one of the Paratroopers. Then the game moved into a mass of melee battles.

Things were really looking good for a German victory, when the cards turned on Justin. Alas the Germans lost yet again. I am thinking that with the 8 games I've witnessed or played in now, the Germans have yet to get a victory. They really need to stay away from the Strudel!

The Red Devils Kickstarter is almost over, but there is still a day or 2 to get in on it for those inclined.

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