Monday, February 19, 2018

Frostgrave Campaign Game 11 - The Temple

Yesterday we descended once more upon Felstad with our Motley Wizard bands, this time playing 'The Temple'. Of course I modified it slightly.

The Temple: A long ruined temple lays upon a raised part of the city. Within the rubbled centre there are 6 columns. Upon the top of each is a treasure.

These enchanted columns to a forgotten god protect the treasures upon them. they will need to be destroyed via melee to earn the treasures they hold. Once defeated, they crumble & the treasure becomes available for collection. Spells cast at the columns are ineffective.

Each column begins the game with +0 Fight. Should the column win a fight, it increases in power. With each success it gains +1 Fight becoming tougher & tougher as the martial energy is absorbed.

Each treasure collected earns an additional 20xp. As well if a wizard engages & defeats a column, he will earn +50xp.

We had 5 warbands involved in this scenario. It comes to mind that throughout the campaign, mentioning certain characters in the comic, can leave readers a bit confused as they may not know whom they belong too...thus I came up with what I hope is a solution. I picked up a whiteboard at the dollar store, which I will use to write the name of each character over their miniature. This I hope will alleviate any confusion going forward.

So here were the participants:

My warband led by Eben

Craig's depleted warband led by Innovar

Chen's warband led by Ludwig

Scott's warband led by Bob

Jonathan's warband led by Malcron (first showing time this campaign)

Of note is that I did not include characters where were absent from being badly wounded.

So onto the scenario!

All in all, this was a deadly scenario. We had several treasure hunters killed, as well as an apprentice losing some fingers. We had 2 Nullwave traps set off, which wiped all the active spells, thus making everyone reset their walls, fogs & wizard eyes. Eben was the only wizard to succeed with his Ulterior Motive - Fate Dial.

The aftermath yielded the following;

Innovar - 110xp, no treasures.

Bob - 550xp, no treasures. Trajan, Ted & Spot III killed

Ludwig - 700xp, 3 treasures - 265gc, Gloves of Casting, Potions: Healing, Teleportation. Silber, Jorge killed

Malcron - 200xp, 1 treasure - 50gc. Larry loses fingers, Jav badly wounded.

Eben - 530xp, 2 treasures - 70gc, Staff +1 Fight, Potions: Toughness, Explosive Cocktail, Invulnurbility. Orrin killed.

So this completed all of the scenarios from the core book. We will now be going through the Hunt For Golem campaign.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to some golem hunting!

    1. Thanks JP, I see I need to get cracking on some casualy figures. Found 18 so far, got under a month to get them done! Next game scheduled for the 11th of March.