Thursday, August 22, 2019

Escape from Dulce!

Tuesday, Dan brought out a game to the club, which I had never seen before. An apparent Kickstarter buy for him, it looked pretty cool!

We were all cryogenically frozen specimens who have awoken & now are trying to escape this complex. I chose The Smith Family

Each player gets a character board denoting their stats, abilities,etc.

And away we go. We had Hirohito Honso & Amelia Earhardt joining me in this romp.

As you clear rooms, items can be found, as well as guards of various sorts.

Each of the cardstock stands of the various guards has a number that matches a specific card which shows their stats & what effects they will use on the players.

They would for example, Target the player with the most health, target the player with the least armor, etc. Pretty cool system.

We then met the first boss which guards the elevator to the next level 

There are also some NPC's who will join you if you have certain items. We got the Goat Boy who was pretty good in a brawl.

The higher you go the tougher it gets, but then the loot gets better too!

Eventually Goat Boy took one for the team & died.

We made it up to level 4, but then had to call it as the store would be closing soon.

It was a fun game with some interesting mechanics! Thanks Dan for introducing us to this game!


  1. Not a game I've heard of, but it does look like a fresh take on an old theme - the miniatures look very usable outside of the game too and probably a good selling point too.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, thinking back, the miniatures were more likely in the 25mm range, but would need to see some figures side-by-side to be sure

  2. Great looking game Terry! You had me at all in with the Goat Boy npc ūüėÄ