Thursday, September 26, 2019

Frostgrave - The Shrine of Prophecy

A couple Sundays ago, we launched a reboot of our Frostgrave Campaign with new Wizard warbands. This campaign will be focussed on the Forbidden Pacts scenarios for the most part.

We had 4 warbands take the field.

Roach the Warlock - Lvl:0 (Me)

Spengler the Sigilist - Lvl:0 (Chris)

Maximus the Summoner - Lvl:0 (Scott)

Barden the Summoner - Lvl:0 (Chen)

The Shrine of Prophecy:
  In the centre of the table lays the ruins of the shrine. Within are 2 archways, seeming devoid of doors. Outside are the rubbled remains of buildings.

Also outside the shrine are a couple of ruined carts, their contents strewn about. The bodies of slain soldiers can be seen, as well as blackened areas near them. The blackened areas are the greasy remains of slain demons which fought with the soldiers.

Within the ruins are a Wizard (Severus) & his Apprentice (Sven). They are all that remain of the band which fought the demon guardians. They have just completed the ritual learned from the prophecy to activate the portals, & are now waiting to pass through them.

Special Rules:
The Wizard & Apprentice have just learned that a Major Demon is about to break through the portals which bind them beyond this realm. They hare attempting to gather the items needed to keep it contained. Unfortunately these other warbands have stumbled into the area & will likely disrupt their plans. Until the portals activate, they will both try to cast fog spells to shield themselves from the other warbands. Once the portals activate their actions will be to enter them.

On turn 3 the portals activate, which allows both Severus & Sven to pass through them.

The portals will remain active until a demon spawns from each. They will then deactivate at the end of the creature phase.  It will require another to solve the prophecy in order to re-activate them. Anyone who passes through 1 of the portals is removed from the game (keep track which portal they pass through).

Each turn a portal is active, roll a Summon Demon spell with a TN of 10.

Once the wizards get within the ruined walls of the shrine, they will see the remnants of a mural. Though mostly destroyed, there is still enough to gain insight that something terrible is soon to occur. After spending 2 actions deciphering the mural, a Will test TN 12 is required to learn how to activate the portals.

Also amongst the ruins are the remains of soldiers, & several piles of treasure.

Treasures & XP:

10xp for each corpse searched (requires 1 action). Each has 1d20 GC on them.
25xp for solving the prophecy & activating the portals.
50xp for each treasure recovered & removed.
25xp for a treasure in possession at game end, but which hasn't left the table.

If the prophecy is deciphered (either in game or after) the wizards learn that time is of the essence & that they will need to split their band in order to allow time to gather the 2 amulets needed. (players will provide the GM with a roster as to which soldiers enter each portal).

If treasures have been gathered, at least 1 un-injured soldier must remain behind to guard the loot. Soldiers which are badly wounded must also be left behind (players can opt to replace badly wounded soldiers with new ones if they have the cash to do so)

So with all the preamble done, how did they do?

Barden - 170xp, 30GC, Potions - Iron Mind, Elixer of the Chameleon, Preservation (Sold)
Gruff killed; Karazan, Metalhead Badly Wounded

Spengler - 290xp, 128GC, Orb of Power (8), Grimoire - Reveal Death
Murray Badly Wounded

Maximus - 270xp, 120GC, Drinking Horn of Healing, Fate Stone

Roach - 310xp, 250GC, Grimoire - Glow, Summon Demon

Thanks for following our mis-adventures!

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