Monday, September 9, 2019

Imperial Assault - Sabine & Zeb

At long last, I can finally say I've completed the commision for my buddy in doing his Hero figures for Star Wars Imperial Assault - Sabine Wren & Zeb Orrelios.

Nice sculpts & Sabine is especially dynamic in pose. Not sure how her lower body was coloured, I stayed with the yellow/purple armor plating.

Zeb of course just looks like he is about to stroll into the Cantina & lay a smack-down on someone.

Of course looking back at all these figures, has me looking at my own set of unpainted ones.... 

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  1. Wow Terry! Absolutely fantastic brushwork ūüėÄ Maybe we'll get lucky and see Zeb make it into Legion at some point (as I have no IA figures and only Legion).

    1. Thanks Ivor, I went the other route, have all the IA stuff, but stayed away from Legion, due to the scale change. Figure if my friends have Legion & want me to play...they can provide my force 8D

  2. Yea! More great looking minis!

    I have stayed away from Legion as well - just too many darn games these days. I would also bet it won't have a very long life span.

    Even though I have heard there is no more content for Imperial Assault being released - I still really like the game. I just started a new campaign of it 2 weekends ago with a bunch of new folks.