Saturday, September 14, 2019

Model Train Show

Today, my wife & I spent some time at the Model Train Show in Sherwood Park. Just another of the events that fill my September & make it so amusingly hectic!

But certainly not in a bad way, I just get very excited for this stuff!

Seeing how far this hobby has progressed is amazing. LEDs have allowed for  flashing lights on vehicles, & buildings to be lit up.

This fellow I am always impressed to see. He has the most amazingly detailed diorama's I've seen.

This year I noticed he has begun working in N guage as seen in the image below.

In most cases, he scratch builds all the tools & bits you see.

Then of course, there are the visits to the vendors, where I am always on the hunt for 1/43 scale things for Pulp / Apocalypse gaming.

This year I managed to snag 4 vehicles

As well as a couple more O guage train cars.

I then spotted a Grader

And lastly a Cessna at 1/43 scale. Now what scenarios could I use that for? Mwahahaha! Sorry, there are 8 of you, but only 4 will fit!

The last item I found, was at the Gibbons Townwide garage sale last weekend. It was in one of those 'FREE' boxes that are found at most of the sales. It even came already dirty!

Thus ended this years Model Train Show. 

The guys are over tomorrow to restart our Frostgrave Campaign, so now its off to bed to prepare for that! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great show, wargamers can learn a lot from the modelrailway community (and their toys).
    Great haul of loot too - especially the caravan !

    1. Thanks Zabadak, yes that RV trailer was a wonderful find & the price was right!

  2. Looks like it was a fab day out Terry! Can't believe that you get the missus out to a train show!? I'll be honest, I think your free box caravan takes the lot ūüėÄ

    1. Thanks Ivor, yes that caravan was a sweet find. However snagging a properly scaled aircraft was great too!

  3. A superb place for terrain ideas and inspiration and some useful additions for your collection Terry.

    1. Sort of like your blog Pat! Looking forward to the new book!