Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!

 Here we are! A New Year & a New Decade! As I continue my vacation...well until the end of this weekend, I managed to get some more work done on the hobby side.

As 2019 came to an end, I was starting to play with the new 3D printer. My first prints were complete & now it was time to get them painted.

I am still working on the ruins, however here are the barrel stacks.

I tried to use a technique showcased by Kevin using Liquid Mold Builder. My first attempt...well it needs some practice. Thinking I dabbed on a bit much & the base brown I used isn't dark enough.

I also snagged some old decals from 1/35 vehicle kits to add some 'codes'. I will be looking at some hazardous material symbols to scale down for future ones. I can see making a few more of these! 

 As part of the Black Friday Sales, I received a notice from Death Ray Designs that they were having a pretty nice sale! I ordered 2 sets of Dark & Deadly Dungeon Kits

I also snagged an extra set of walls with removeable panels & put those together to start. There are instructions on the site which do a good job of walking you through, however you must be cognizant of which pieces are facing which way...its easy to mix it up!

The base section done, now you slide in the insert. Nice option being able to switch out things as you desire

 Lastly as I went to get the Latex Mold Maker at Michaels, I happened on the remnants of their Christmas sale stuff & noticed this Lemax Gazebo. It was 80% off which was a steal! Best of all, it wasn't covered in snow, so can be used in all seasons! It will likely need a bit of weathering, but thats a fairly quick drybrush.

 That's about it for my first post of 2020. I am heading off to Stephens for some Chain of Command on Saturday, so should have some photos from that to share.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy New Year Terry, off to a great start I see.

    1. Thanks Michael! It's going to be busy if I get to all I plan too.

  2. Happy New Year Terry!
    I look forward to following your inspiring painting and projects via your super posts throughout 2020! Thanks for putting all this together.


    1. Thanks Brent, your figure is on the paint table as we speak. He will be ready for the Retreat!

  3. You were quick off the mark !
    All the best for 2020