Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EWG Game Night

This evening we gathered for a running of Sharp Practice. The scenario was of a Colonial British Column attempting to cross the board unmolested with their mule caravan. Of course the Afghani's had other things in mind.

Dave played the British Convoy while Chen & I split the Afghani forces. Above we see the opening moves of the Afghani blinds moving up through the river valley. Will ran the game.

As Dave moved up the road, he was spotted from the force at the ford & had to deploy his lead elements, the Afghani's moved atop the hill & spotted the remainder of the column.

The force atop the hill was armed with mostly swords & had but 3 Jezzails amongst them. The rocks were their saving grace as it was nigh impossible for the British to remove them, but that didn't stop Dave from starting to whittle them down.

Unfortunately his lead unit was almost obliteratted by the combined fire of the main Afghani force at the ford and lost 6 of their 8 men. The last of the hidden Afghani swordsmen surged from out behind the hills towards the almost unguarded muletrain forcing the British to quickly maneuver to block them. At about this time we had to call it. The game was a test of the ruleset and thus we were all learning as we went. I am sure with more playing of this system things will move along more quickly.

Thanks for bringing it out Will

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