Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SAGA Warlord and Hearthguard

Well I have finally finished the first of my Welsh warband, the remainder have joined the production line and are in various states at this time.

Here is the Warlord and his Hearthguard. All the figures are from Gripping Beast and the shield patterns are from Little Big Men Studios.

Another shot of just the Warlord. The figures hands are all in a single, so that various weapons can be placed in them. This led to a small issue on the inside of his shield where I had to add a bit of greenstuff to appear as a strap. I think it worked well.

The shield patterns are too small for the larger shields and require a bit of touch up around the edges to complete. Not too big a deal & as its the first time I've used them, I am happy with the results. Lord knows I could never paint something that intricate!

The first two Hearthguard I tried doing some patterns on their tunics and cloak. I definately need to pratice this more. As for actual information on  clothing for the Welsh, there isn't really much available on the web. As they were somewhat poor, they tend to the unbleached, drab browns & grey.

The shield decal on the right hand figure (as you look at the image) seemed to have gotten a bit damaged when cutting the white background prior to placement...I must have cut thru the decal as well & it made a small area of overlap as well as a couple of wrinkles. Guess its something I need to iron out. On a good note, it blended with the other decor...whew!

Next on the table is the first Warrior Unit...

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  1. Look'n good, Terry. Your off to a great start.