Friday, June 1, 2012

28mm Goblin Spearman for HOTT/Impetus

As I've finished off with the Goblin Shooter/Archer elements, I've now moved onto the Spear. So here I have the first 2 of 6 Spear elements for my HOTT Army.

The first stand is with the banner, so that if I want this to be my general, he will be easily denoted. All of the figures on the stand are GW, with 3 being plastic & the last metal.

The second stand is a mix of GW plastic/metal and a RAFM goblin purchased many years ago, whose sword broke. I thus drilled a hole thru his hand and added a spear.

The Impetus Army list I have for the Orc/Goblins has up to 12 elements of Goblin FP (Light Foot). To add some variety to my army I've decided to make 6 spear only & the others swords/blades. This will allow me to field either blade or spear in my HOTT Army.

Our DBA group is planning on the next campaign being a 28mm HOTT. With the sheer number of goblin elements I will likely be able to field a purely Goblin Army.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob. The design is already on the banner, just a matter of painting it.

  2. I like the colour mix. These little stands look great.

  3. When can we expect to see an army shot? I think my favorite is the little guy who had a spear given to him to replace the broken sword...very dynamic pose! ("I stab you!!")

    1. Hey Bard, as I am building a combination HOTT/Impetus force, it will be quite awhile before "The Army" is finished. I am still just working on Goblins (which I will be able to field a HOTT Army of)and haven't really started worrying about the Orcs as of yet.