Friday, June 22, 2012

More Goblin Spear for HOTT / Impetus

I have finally put the finishing touches on two more Goblin Spear elements for the HOTT and Impetus army. As well my first Troll Behemoth figure is completed. You had a sneak peek at this fellow during the HOTT game at EWG in my last post.

All the figures on the first Spear stand are a mix of newer GW plastic goblins and older plastic / metal ones.

The second stand is also mostly GW plastics with one metal.

The Troll is an older GW metal River Troll. I am quite happy with how he turned out.

Lastly here is a rear shot of the Troll.

I have two more stands of Goblin Spear elements to complete, then will be doing 6 stands of Goblin Blades.

I likely won't get any of that done until after the weekend as I will be spending my Saturday at the Bon Accord Town Wide Garage Sale, hopefullytransferring items from my garage to new homes and making a bit of money to boot.

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