Monday, August 20, 2012

Bitz Swap

I spent Sunday afternoon at a Bitz Swap hosted by Edmonton Onslaught. I think there were about 16 people swapping/selling stuff of which I was one. The majority of the tables, as can be imagined were buried under Games Workshop product. The nice thing was that this was an opportunity for those unhappy with the Finecast product to snag some of the older metals and plastics.

My goal was foremost to get the rest of the Goblin Chariots I needed for my Orc/Goblin Impetus Army. As well I would be watching out for Orc Boar Riders and Orc Chariots as well.

As a fellow kitty corner to me was setting up his table I noticed these. Yes they are just cardboard ones, but when you need something to fill a space quick, I doubt people will complain. The price was good as was the "You have to take all of them at that price!"

As expected there was a bit of a surge at the start, so I was unable to wander around much. Eventually Scott came by & was kind enough to spend the day and watched my table as I wandered.

 I did find what I was looking for. This fellow had a metal box with both Orc Boar Riders & 3 Orc Chariots. He was also kind enough to run home & grab his 2 Goblin ones for me. To top it off he threw in the metal box (as most of the bases were magnetized) and 4 stands of gobbos.

I then purchased some more wolf riders from the same fellow. This now gives me plenty of wolves for beast elements or Wolf riders.

 As the venue was drawing to the close this same fellow started giving away bags of orcs that didn't sell for him. He was kind enough to throw the bag of the figures below at me. So the one figure of the Orc Shaman will be in my Impetus & HOTT Orc Army.

 The host of the venue - Ward was interested in a large Sorscha figure I had from Warmachine. This model was more of a Display figure. So he traded a whackload of Ellyrian Elf Cavalry & some cash for it. I am glad Sorscha went to a good home. I think I am now good on Elf Cavalry

 Continued wanderings got me buying some Khandish Cavalry & some various Warhammer blisters including an Orc carrying a pig! That will be fun to paint.

As well I picked up a bag full of the Skaven forces from the starter set, another Goblin Chariot & Wolfrider boxset & a box of Mantic Zombies for $5.00!!!! Can you ever really have enough Zombies?

A real surprise find was a copy of Warhammer Quest. The box is in bad shape but when the fellow who had it gave me the price he did, it was a no-brainer!

As the day was drawing to a close, I repacked the items I had not found new homes for & loaded my car. I walked about saying my good-byes when  I saw the item below. Being a sucker for all things Lord of the Rings, I had to have it!

 My very last purchase of the day was actually on the trunk of a car. A foam tray with painted LOTRO figures consisting of Elves & Men of Gondor.

 All in all a good day. I got to chat with some folks I hadn't seen in quite some time. Found new homes for items I would never get around to using, and of course helped others with their no longer wanted items.

Thanks Ward for running this event! I look forward to doing again next year.

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