Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hott/DBA Stronghold/Camp

Today I finished up an old Battlemasters Tower for use as a Camp or Stronghold. I have decided to go with a standard 12cm x 12cm basing for my Camps.

For some strange reason I seem to have a bunch of Warhammer 40K decals from many years ago. Its strange as I've never played 40K. Ah well, they have been making appearances on my goblin shields. I have also used a couple on the banner for the tower.

 The model itself was designed to come apart to be put back into the box after a game, so it doesn't hide its seams well. I did use a bunch of old putty along the corners, but obviously didn't use enough on the capstones.

I will have to go back and touch up the capstones, filling in the cracks with some filler and smoothing it out. Otherwise this tower is ready for the table.

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