Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore

After having our Thanksgiving Feast, done the cleanup & digested the meal watching Walking Dead, I managed to finish off the next 2 figures from the consignment I am working on.

Up first we had the Royal Paladin.

If I learn nothing else about painting these figures, its that its all about the eyes.

I gave the figures an overspray of matte finish, but it seems this guy just wants to shine. I figure its due to my haste to capture the photos before rushing out the door for errands, that it wasn't quite dried yet.

This next figure was an interesting one, her name is Nyan-Nyan. She seems to be some sort of hybrid cat lady. And she does have some impressive attributes.

These figures have a lot of character to them. I am enjoying each of their unique challenges.

Not exactly sure why she wears a bell on her tail, unless its to chime dinner time.

It's off to the club this eve to play Zombicide. Alas the figures will be unpainted ones, but that won't quell the fun to be had.


  1. Awesome work as usual Terry!

    Yes, Anime is famous for the huge heads, eyes and other "attributes". I think you are capturing the essence of these figs perfectly.


    1. Thanks Brent, glad you like them, as I said above, they are proving fun to paint.