Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rocky Mountain Retreat & Flivers for All's Quiet

I realize I have been absent for a couple weeks. Lot's going on as this becomes my busy gaming period until the end of May.

So to start, I was invited down for a weekend of gaming at a somewhat undisclosed location. Sorry to be a little vague, but this weekend is by invite only, so I was somewhat honoured to receive an invitation.

Thus having received my map of the location, I gathered the games I would bring & set off.

Below is the lodge where we spent the next 72ish hours gaming away when we were not sleeping. The venue was mostly boardgames, many of which I had never even heard of.

However Brent did run 2 sessions of the new D&D. I was in the second group. 

Brent even brought up his Dwarven Forge terrain for added visual appeal.

I played several boardgames, some of which did not inspire me, while a couple others drew my attention. I really enjoyed Bruges, the game looked fantastic & the artwork on the cards was top-notch. I also got an initiation into Star Wars: Imperial Assault. I picked up both games on my way back to Edmonton.

Now home I am again focussed on the All's Quiet human forces for the Mayday Game.
Below is the unit of Flivers. As stated in a previous post, I am not keen on these metal kits. They would have went together much better as plastic kits. Hopefully this will be done somewhere down the road, but....time will tell.

Being metal kits, you are pretty much forced to glue a couple pieces together & let dry before continuing. Imagine my frustration when I went to put the front wheels on during a later step to discover the fender/cab combo was too far forward, forcing the wheels to not sit as they were supposed to. I even popped the glue on a couple of the cabs to try & correct this....ARRRGGHHH!!!

Okie, so the first Fliver is an armoured variant with an HMG. 

Next, a canvas backed variant. The canvas is 1 solid piece of metal.

The last variant I left open backed & chose not to add the gubbins (tarp rails)

I have one more of these units to build & am not overly looking forward to it.

As to whats next, I have 2 more Mk III units nearly completed as well as the Mobile Field Artillery unit.

I also have the field artillery, which is again all metal units which will be slow to build.

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