Saturday, April 4, 2015

More All's Quiet on the Martian Front

I've completed 2 more units of Mk III Steamer Tanks as well as the Mobile Field Artillery.

First up are the Mk III's

Also my first unit of Mobile Field Artillery. I decided to go with a bit of a different cam scheme

There are some crew figures which will eventually be put into the vehicles.

I am now in the process of cleaning the Field Artillery pieces before priming them. Hopefully the weather will cooperate to allow this.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob, got the fire burning to get this stuff finished for our Mayday game.

  2. Hey Terry,

    Great photos. Is the game really that good? I've been holding off buying it because, I'm not sure about it, but I love the era. Really tempted to buy the starter box. Is it worth it? You and Scott must like it; I see photos all the time. It seems to be holding your attention.

    1. Thanks Mark, your seeing all this stuff as I am working on getting the human units done for the Mayday Game. You should join the game on Mayday if not already full to give it a try yourself. Rules are not overly cumbersome. We will hopefully be bringing the same scenario down for Fallcon. Still waiting to see Scott's Landship painted up!

      Also being 15mm there are all kinds of systems these can be used in!