Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Chain of Command - Operation Martlet

Dave launched his Chain of Command Operation Martlet campaign at the club last night. Scott will play the British Commander, while I command the Germans.

Scenario 1: Probe into Fontenay
This scenario sees the Royal Scots launch their attack into the northern edges of Fontenay. This is a Probe scenario, where the German outpost line will withdraw if the British player can exit a team off the Germans board edge. The British were led by Quinton Tiberton, while the German forces were to be led by Jurgen Kiebler.

 Dave prepping the forces

After the patrol phase, the German jump points are located where the barrel piles are.

The British arrival was hampered by Fog, while the German arrival was hampered by a Bombardment. The British show up early & begin moving down the road.

The British got a jump point inside one of the buildings, however a lucky HE shell from my Panzer IV rubbled the building forcing the Vickers HMG team, Sniper & Senior leader out into the open.

After taking some withering MG fire against the squads on the road, the Sherman dropped a smoke round in front of the MG teams. I was able to end the turn however & removed the smoke.

Scott managed to get a couple round of good dice allowing him successive actions. He began running one of the squads forward taking advantage of the few German troops that had been deployed, however he eventually suffered Pinned results due to shock & although getting quite close for a victory was halted when another German squad with 2 MG's deployed & managed to break the squad. At this point, the British withdrew.

The after action report direct from the host - 
"First game went to the Germans, aided by a lucky round of 75mm HE which  collapsed the forward British jumping-off position very early in the fray. Accurate German fire from forward deployed forces held the British infantry off for the most part, yet one team of rabbits almost made it through only to be bushwacked by a section of SS foxes hiding in a copse of trees. The British pulled back to regroup and reconsider their approach, giving the Germans additional time to bolster their positions.

So it appears we will again be fighting over this plot of land. The Germans suffered 3 dead & 2 injured (miss next battle). As the Allied forces are getting more reinforcements, each German casualty is much harder to make up.

Thanks to Dave for hosting.


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    1. Thanks Ray, Dave (the host) has really gotten into the mdf buildings in the past year. Next game in the campaign will occur beginning of January

  2. I haven't purchased this pint sized campaign from the Lardies yet but I am sure I will. I look forward to your next instalment.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Silver Whistle, your games table has myself & a few others drooling. As for our campaign at the club, I believe we are playing 1 scenario a month, to allow for other games on the second club night. We will be repeating this last scenario as I managed to hold the line against the British rush.