Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ruined Farm, Frostgrave Campaign Prep & a couple New Arrivals!

Today I spent some time today with some of my Frostgrave Campaign prep. This involves setting up the games table for a scenario I am creating aptly named, the Outskirts of Frostgrave.

This intro scenario will be designed to get the warbands launched & snag some loot to put into their coffers. The usual loot table will be modified however with a -5 to dicerolls. As this area is outside Frostgrave proper, those who fled have pilfered the lions share of the good spoils, however some cache's still lie hidden amongst the ruins. 

To that end I painted up a ruined foam farm house / barn. Not sure which company made this, as I've had it laying about for some time. It is however very similar to the Ziterdis line of products in material.

The foam was originally in that dark grey colour.

 Next are some of images of the table for the campaign. I still want to make some more haystacks, etc.

The outer walls of the city are in the background.

As well things just keep arriving at the homestead. Today I picked up a few more parcels which contained some Kingdom Death Black Friday sale items, Zombicide Black Plaque & several expansions for Heroes of Normandie which I have been getting. Also just before Christmas my Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter second wave stuff arrived. Needless to say my basement is filled with boxes again, their contents vying to distract.


It looks to be a good year of gaming in 2016!


  1. That's a gorgeous table to play on Terry. My own Frostgrave games will be themed "Summergrave" cos I'm not about to switch all my current terrain over to winter any time soon.

    How do you concentrate on any one project when you keep picking up so many cool items!?

    1. Thanks for your compliments Dai. Like you I am not using winter themed tables either, as I am also a long time fan of Mordheim. As for concentrating, I don't do it very well & tend to do a single band or some such even though I intend to do many. I guess over time it does work out.

  2. Another stunning table and gaming goodness too, plenty to enjoy there Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael, just need to get the players lined up to launch.

  3. The farmhouse is by "Javis of Stockport", we (WSD) used to sell them, and I used to paint some of them up, very similar to that. It is a nice piece.

    Cheers Roger.