Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Silver Tower - Round 2

Last night at the club, Kevin once again brought out Warhammer Quest the Silver Tower. We marched into its whirling mists with 5 stalwart warriors hoping to achieve our first piece of the symbol.

We entered the first chamber & encountered 2 Acolytes & a Blue Horror. I believe they were dead by the 3rd player's turn.

Delving deeper we discovered the Librarian again (A Pink Horror with increased stats)

Defeating him, we pressed on through the ledge room, requiring some dexterous dice stacking skills to avoid injury. We were then beset upon by 5 acolytes.

As chance would have it, we then discovered the goal of the first scenario, a room which contained some laser's, a demonic statue & lots of adversaries.

As my priest was the second player, I was able to get into the chamber & activated one of the laser pillars, sweeping it about & was able to fell several foes while wounded the others in its path.

The remainder of the group were able to get within the chamber & again used the laser's to good effect. We then encountered the demon within, who taunted us with a story & the first piece of the symbol we sought.

Shortly after as it was dispersed in a wretched foul cloud, we held the first piece.

With the night still young & several of the members close to receiving a skill, we pressed on into the second quest.

The first room had an embalmed acolyte revenant attack. We slew him. 

More acolytes attacked, in what was to become our main room of battle, more-so as it provided double the renown as long as we remained within it.

The next chamber spawned Tzaangors, which Elliot cajoled into charging us.

We then saw the arrival of a Skaven Deathrunner who had Kevin's warrior on it's list. We took great effort to kill this thing off as soon as we could.

As we proceeded, we encountered some huge Flamer, as it was not the chamber we sought, we proceeded to withdraw & were hoping to get far ahead of this monstrosity as we sought the chamber that would yield the second shard.

Encountering a gaunt summoner, we were able to use ranged attacks to weaken it, & then let loose the barbarian to deal some heavy damage. The mage finished it off, at which point we deemed it a good place to call the game (as it was now getting quite late)

Thus our next foray will see us once again attempt to retrieve the next piece. At the games end, my Priest of Sigmar now had the Eye of Fate skill & managed to retain an Unseen Amulet.

Thanks to Kevin for bringing this out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, Kevin did a superb job on his miniatures!

  2. Great report. Would you recommend the game as a game? Does it have replay value?

    1. Hi Herbert, I would indeed, the miniatures are beautiful sculpts, the game does have good replay, in that the rooms spawn random creatures (from charts you roll on). With that being said, the scenario played may have some rooms which will spawn a specific creature ie: The Librarian Pink Horror. The destiny dice will also add random things based on what doubles have been rolled.