Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Christmas comes early!

WOW! just as I finished unpacking the Others Kickstarter, I arrived home to another parcel. This time it was the Battle Systems Urban Terrain Kickstarter. I sort of had wind that this was soon to be arriving a couple weeks ago. What made it even more enjoyable as I was entertained reading about Michael's blog post about his own set arriving 

Again I went a bit wild on this one, having my friend Jonathan telling me how good this crew was when they did the Fantasy sets, so off I went.

I also added a Shanty Town as the Kickstarter was nearing the end, visions of All Things Zombie running thru my head. 

I also snagged the Hawthorne Diner, Art Deco walls 

Fire Hall,& Police Station.

As well each box set came with some "Really Useful Items". Of that I have no doubt.

This coincides nicely with the Others figures, as a Cthulhu themed Pulp game will really pop with a table full of this terrain mixed with the foam-core ones Bruce built for me.

So with mention of the Others, I cracked open the base game just to show off some of these wild tentacled corrupted figures 

They are getting freakier!

The big boss from the core game

And a sampling of the Heroes from FAITH.

Needless to say, the arrival of all these goodies, is getting me a bit distracted from my current focus of Frostgrave. I am sure I can squeeze some of these in & will refrain from opening any of the Others boxes. At least for now...

Thanks for reading


  1. Good Lord Man! You really didn't hold back on this one either! As for those miniatures, you were right in that I am now regretting not getting involved with the the Others. *sigh*

    1. Never fear Michael, the game should be available at the brick & mortar stores soon & they are always happy to see you.