Monday, March 5, 2018


On Saturday we had a games day, where several of us got together. Bruce once again brought out his Congo setup. As the weather was quite atrocious, we had a couple of the lads drop out, so we ended up with a 3 player game.

We randomly chose forces. I got the Traders (Slavers) led by the Emir.

The scenario was finding the ancient relic in the group of huts at the centre of the board. As well there were 4 plot points which when captured would provide a table corner that you needed to exit.

My forces advance. My Scouts made towards a bluff (which had a plot point on top of it) 

A group of soldiers makes towards a clump of jungle & another plot point (the fella standing inside the jungle)

The soldiers captured the plot point, but then I set upon him with my young warriors. Notice that I had previously played some stress on the soldiers & they were hurting in melee when I hit them

I was able to push them back & continued to follow up on them. These young warriors became a nuisance to Bruce.

As Bruce & I were going at it, Stephen approached the village unmolested. Then encountered the guardians.

Having finished off the first group of soldiers, the Young Warriors were making their way towards some Askari. By this point Bruce had set off an event making for a heavy downpour. All ranged weapons were limited to medium & suffered -2 dice. My young warriors couldn't have been happier!

With Stephen successfully snagging the treasure, the centre was becoming a busy place.

There was a great amount of melee. I had a unit of fanatics that were rolling D10's unless stressed. They initially mauled 2 of Stephens units before the opponents caught on & stressed them (thus reducing their dice types). Eventually they were gunned down by a ranged unit.

However, the Emir with his group did manage to capture the idol from Stephen's depleted unit & the game ended.

Thanks for the fun game Bruce!


  1. What an awesome looking game. The table and figures all look brilliant.

    1. Thanks Simon, Bruce (the retired member of the club) has done a bang-up job rather quickly on these. We have been fortunate to have him bring it out several times now.