Monday, March 5, 2018

Frostgrave - Bring Out Yer Dead!

As I prepare for the guys to come out this Sunday for our next Frostgrave Campaign game. I needed to get some stuff painted before hand.

We will be doing "The Attack Site" from the Hunt for Golem. I needed a bunch of corpse markers to represent the wiped out warbands. 

Thus with a bit of digging & found a couple packs of casualty figures

These are the first batch completed (there are more on the paint table) & are from several ranges.

These 2 are old Mordheim metal casualty figures 

These next ones are Gripping Beast Pict casualties I believe. The pack consisted of 2 different figures.

The last 2 are Foundry I believe & are Viking casualties.

 As stated earlier, I have several more to finish up before Sunday.


  1. Great work in finding these across the various ranges Terry, and you've done an excellent job on the painting and basing.
    I'm sure they'll come in handy for other games in the future as well :-)

    1. Thanks Wargame Addict. I've had them about for quite some time, now I had a reason to dig them out & get them painted. Alas, had to cancel the game for this weekend, which on a a positive side, gives me more time to paint them.

  2. Good stuff, Terry. Casualty markers are handy for lots of things!

    1. Thanks Bob, your right! Certainly the next campaign game gave me the impetus to get them on the paint table.