Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Bruce brought out his Congo stuff as a playtest for his running of it at Fallcon this weekend.

We had 4 players vying to find the golden banana's. This would be accomplished either by sheer luck, or by deducing its location via clues found in various terrain features.

Now I will not reveal where the Banan's were found, however clues would provide either a Latitude, Longitude, Exit Location or Feature where the Banana's were NOT.  

I had the African Tribe faction with a Chieftain & Witch Doctor.

What's this? Stinking Nazi's!

The gathering of clues continues. Chen sends one of his units amongst a collection of huts & awakens some Cannibals.

Maybe this guy up here know's something. His clothes make him appear important! Most of the clues lay within dangerous areas which when entered by non scout units would prompt a potential random event.

Alas, Bruce had forgotten his trees & had grabbed the wrong bin, so I said, perhaps these were quicksand pools.

After recieving some fire, I managed to charge into one of Chen's units, pushing it back with some losses. The camera crew were impressed with this new 'Reality TV' they were filming.

The banana's were found & the chase began, as 1 unit died, another snagged the banana's only to find themselves the target of many terror rolls. The Nazi's meet their demise at the hands of some native muskets.

Chen won the game with a daunting lead of VP's from killing units & cannibals. Good luck with the game in Calgary Bruce!


  1. That looked a very good romp and very reminiscent of my 'Tresure Hunt' game; pity about the lack of trees!

    1. I am sure he will have double checked his stuff before heading to Fallcon. Hence why we playtest eh!

  2. Looks like a fun scenario! Always looking for new adventures to play with Congo.