Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Gangsters & I HATE to say this...

Tuesday night was our first club night of the month & Bruce brought out Gangsters. For this night he used the Chain Reaction rules..modified by himself.

It was set up as a 4 player game, however Dan showed up & I split my cops force with him.

Each faction had their own hidden agenda's. Below the police move towards the suspected booze shipment. Everyone was mounted in either the police car or MC except for 1 beat cop.

Some funky dudes in Jet packs arrived & began firing at one of the gangster factions. However Chen (The Gangster) was rolling high tonight.

Chen eventually won through & jumped back in the car, to chase after the departing flatbed loaded with whisky.

Unfortunately that was the last photo I took, things got quick, with the whisky laden truck making it off the table edge, even though it was skidding all over the place while taking gunfire from the police.

As I said in the title....I HATE to say this...but another Kickstarter has arrived!

This was the first 'Kickstarter' only game...well time will tell if this claim was true with convention season coming up. The shipment came in 2 boxes.

And this box was HUGE! The core box was in 1 large box, with my add-ons in the 2nd. How huge? Well maybe not OGRE huge, but here is the core box behind the Mythic Battles Pantheon core box.

As with all Kickstarters, there were add-ons & expansions;

3 additional tribes

An expansion

As well as some 3d terrain in the form of sundered trees (8 of these in the box)

And Huts (again, 8 per box)

If I recall correctly there was a set of plastic rocks, but I chose not to get them.

So now its time to get the new shiny put away & return to getting those Star Wars figures painted & the Frostgrave game set up for this Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fun sounding game. Enjoy Hate it looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Simon, just need to find a break in the next while. Lots of gaming goodness over the next couple months with 2 gaming excursions, my Frostgrave Campaign, club nights, etc. The plus side being these are things I want to do!

  2. Great looking game Terry! Are your buildings foam core with printed interiors and exteriors?

    1. Hi Ivor, thanks! The game belongs to Bruce. All the buildings are foam core with the printed facades.