Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower at Edmonton Wargames Group meeting

Last night Kevin once again brought out The Silver Tower, for our groups continued campaign to discover the pieces of the shard. We had our first piece & had failed the first attempt at garnering the second.

As we began, the first chamber was "A Merry Chase" where we were engaged by 2 Acolytes & 3 Blue Horrors. We made short work of them.

We then discovered what has become our favorite chamber - "The Warriors Gaze" where each earned renown gives an additional bonus of +1 renown. Great for surging towards a skill!  We often try to pull stuff into this chamber to reap the rewards! Entering it had 3 Acolytes engage us

Our next chamber "Looting the Dead" had my healer as the runestruck character. I entered, but failed to get the treasure. As our luck had it, we were engaged by a Skaven Assassin. When he spawns, he also spawns an illusionary version of himself, who only upon slaying 1 of them (13 vitality) we then roll to see if it was the real Skaven or his illusion.

We slew the illusion 3 times before successfully getting the real one! 

Continuing on we entered the "Alchemists Den" where we pulled the 4 acolytes that spawned back to the Renown chamber. At this point we had a serious decision to make. Failing to choose correctly would cause us to fail the mission.

We then opted to go through the "Mysterious Vortex" which dropped us into the "Crystal Junction & fighting a bunch of Scuttlings. We then turned the last chamber over & discovered we had not found the one we sought. Thus we had failed this attempt to retrieve the second piece!

We shall attempt this mission again next month! Great fun was had by all

Also here are a couple photos of a rubble pile build from old foam bits 

As well I  completed several Haystacks & bales I bought a couple years ago from Six Squared Studios out of Ontario. All are resin. Those haystacks are certainly much nicer than my foam ones!

Finishing up some Zombies for Zomtober & I will be demoing Frostgrave this weekend at Onslaught!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Zomtober Week 3 - Walkers

Three more shamblers have made it off the paint table this week to celebrate Zomtober.

The first 2 are from Zombicide (yes I still have tons of these to finish)

One odd thing I noticed that when I was going to paint these, is that they were feeling kind of gummy. Not sure if its a reaction of the plastic to the priming/white paint I sprayed on them some time ago or not. Something to keep an eye on & maybe not do masses of priming & then not painting.

I've also gotten my first Black Plague walker painted up. These will be handy to use in some other miniature games I play as well.

Hoping to get to spend the day painting as we are enjoying Freezing rain & the patio was treacherous this morning. Who says bad weather is a downer?

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Zomtober Week 2

Finally getting back to normal after an insanely busy September, & now its catch-up time for the annual Zomtober event.

Week 2 (yes I missed week 1) has me getting started on some of the Zombicide Black Plague figures.

We have our first hero/survivor Clovis the Warrior

I was up til 2am getting this guy finished in time, though now I've got some Zombies & a week to work on them before the next posting.

There is a lot of detail on this figure, lots of belts & trappings.

It was a good thing I had just purchased a magnifying visor & it helped immensely once I got the whole depth of field thing figured out. Seems I need to do a quick touch-up on the shield edge

I also finally got around to painting some rock outcroppings. These plaster pieces are made from a model train Rock face mold.

As it's Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada, I am wishing all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving (even if your not chowing down on Turkey).


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Frostgrave at Fallcon

I've just arrived home from the yearly convention in Calgary called Fallcon. I believe this was the 27th year of this event & my 15th time attending. They tell us this on our name cards.

However after a very successful auction, where Scott claims he got some good deals & I know I did. Let's see. Space Hulk 3rd Edition $50.00 which was the reserve bid.

WOW. OK there was another copy of Space Hulk 4th Ed coming up in the auction. Could I do it again? No-one else had bid previously so I figured I would try my luck.. WHAM! I also won this copy for $55.00. Two copies of this fine game at cheaper than 1 at retail...oh happy days! I also won a Kickstarter Agent Level set of Mercs. Which until seeing it in the auction I had never heard of...but it had miniatures so...

OK So today I ran my Frostgrave game, where I had 8 players who had never played Frostgrave. 3 of them were young lads who had just happened to see me setting up the game & immediately wanted to play.

We were going to play my favorite scenario for new players. The Well. The table was split to allow for 2 4-player games.

Warbands have been chosen.

Due to time constraints, we made this a 10 turn game. There were 4 treasures & drinking from the well would provide 100xp for the first mage to drink, 50 for the second & 25 for the others.

Jonathan helping the lads. 

Planning the approach.

One of the players managed to leap his Wizard near the fountain. He then cast a wall spell leaving enough room for him to drink

Jonathan informed me that when he proffered that the 1 lad who had his warband surrounding a treasure could have 1 of the members pick it up. The lad replied "I have better things to do" then proceeded to slay his friends Wizard & Apprentice.

It was quite comical as these 2 totally ignored the scenario & wanted to focus on the finer points of spellcasting & weapon hacking one another. 

All the warbands on the far table were quite quick getting to the centre of the board.

A photo of the 1 lad's warband surrounding the treasure. Though to be fair, he had seen 2 previous treasure being picked up spawn encounters.

So it made for another wonderful, albiet tiring weekend in Calgary. Now I need to get to bed. Thanks for reading

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Frostgrave: Beared Bones

A couple more miniatures are off the table. This time around I have a couple Skeletons &  a Bear.

The skeletons are a couple of the old Citadel metal 25mm ones, which I've stripped from my long ago painting to my newer Army Painter godsend versions. These 2 were the quickest being the least clad. There are some more on the way.

As well I have this metal bear figure which I have been wracking my brains trying to determine the company. Of course I didn't think to look at the base until after the fact.

I do like the pose however & its quick a hefty miniature.

We will have to see what's next on the table to get completed as I am preparing stuff for Fallcon & that's taking quite a bit of my time to ensure all is ready for my Frostgrave game I am running.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Frostgrave - The Haunted Houses

Today we had 3 warbands descend once again into the environs of Frostgrave. The bands come upon a raised ruin of some long forgotten monastic order. The central tower rubbled, with 6 outlying structures.

Ember leads her band onto the board.

The first wandering denizen to arrive was a Vampire.

Scott's warband makes it to one of the ramps leading to the tower.

At the opposite end, Andy's warband also begins to make the climb.

Ember casts fog to screen her bands movements from Scott's ranged troops.

Andy's troops are the first to enter one of the small ruins.

A long ranged shot crit's one of my archers.

Scott's thief enters a ruin to awaken a Wight. He died rather quickly.

The fog cloud continues to be extended, allowing Ember's troops to scale the platform & snag one of the treasures.

Andy & Scott's Wizards squared off with Elemental Bolt's back & forth.

Andy eventually scored the telling blow.

The Vampire, caught up to Scott's Treasure hunter & critted him.

Andy had a real fear of Scott's Marksman & kept casting Fog & Walls to screen his soldiers.

Scott's band was eventually all taken out of action. Both Andy & I took away 3 treasures each.

The after game results were

Scott - 330x'p; Thief & Archer died, Treasure Hunter & Archer badly wounded & missing next game.

Andy - 600xp; 410gp, Ring of Will, Grimoires of Reveal Invisible & Strike Dead

Terry - 840xp; Templar, Archer & Dog Dead; 350gp, 2 Grimoires

At this point after levelling it was determined that Ember would have achieved level 31. With the other warband wizards being so far behind, we discussed the ending of this campaign & restarting at our next meeting.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Frostgrave has a bone to pick with you

Although a horrible title for this post, it is apt as I completed some re-paints of some skeletons I picked up action lot, in a trade (I honestly don't know).

However I do know that I really like these metal sculpts. Whomever owned them prior went to some effort to twist arms, etc to make the poses different & I like what they did.

A nice simple paint job, as they are all 1 colour. 

I then weathered the sundered shields & weapons with some rust colouring to show their age.

Then it was painted on Army Painter Strong Dip followed by the matte over spray.

I have a few more of the old Ral Partha skeletons on the paint table (more repaints from my youthful D&D days) as well as a bear. Also coming up the line are the Malifeaux Starter set crews.