Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Frostgrave Campaign - The Keep

With the new year, it was time to once again continue our Frostgrave Campaign. This was our 10th game & we played a modified version of The Keep

I opted for a mostly walled keep, with a couple areas of easy egress into the ruins that lay inside. Otherwise the warbands would be required to climb the walls, but they could then see down inside.

Within the confines, among the ruins are 4 large circular disks. At the centre of each lies a treasure. There are also 2 other treasures at the centre of the ruin.

As soon as someone steps onto a disk, they will randomly send the person to another disk. The words that could command location are long lost. The  member rolls a d20 (1-5 disk to left, 6-10 disk opposite, 11-15 disk to right, 16-20 remains on current disk.

The disks also prevented magic from working on them. No-one could be struck by spell or cast while standing on one of the disks. Any magic boosts, or magic items would be nullified or dispelled. Items would act as normal items.

A person can be leapt onto a disk, however the teleport would occur when they landed.

We also began using the trap rules for Initiative & treasures. Anytime a player rolls a 1 for initiative a trap is tripped. If a player picking a treasure up rolls a 1, he is affected by a trap.



As it worked out, none of the wizards used a teleport disk. The battle was quite nasty on Craigs warband as he had several members receiving bad wounds & thus must decide if he will forgo those wounded troops for replacements, or begin with a depleted band.

The results after the scenario were

Bob (Scott) - 540xp, 260gc, Scrolls - Wall, Control Construct; Grimoire - Bones of the Earth
  Theodore badly wounded (misses game)

Ludwig (Chen) - 300xp, 30gc, Potions - Healing(x2), Explosive Cocktail.

Innovar (Craig) - 270xp. Zeph killed; Delva, Perp, Gren badly wounded (miss game)

Eben (Terry) - 340xp, 50gc, Scrolls - Teleport, Petrify. Balthasard killed; Borke badly wounded (miss game).

This leaves us with 1 remaining scenario from the core book. We will then be moving on to the Hunt for Golem mini - campaign.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Imperial Assault Wookies & some Rubble

This past weekend saw the tearing down & putting away of all the Christmas stuff, however I was able to get a bit of paint table time. 

I've completed the Wookie Ally Pack for Star Wars Imperial Assault

 As well as some rubble bits from Escenorama. These angled rubble piles are designed to sit at the corners of the ruins, however they also make for some good scatter terrain on their own.

I have 3 more Star Wars Imperial Assault figures to complete for my buddy. I will also be working on some of the other figures languishing on the painting table.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Fate of the Elder Gods

Last night at the club, I brought out Fate of the Elder Gods for another play. I got to the club early, so randomly pulled the Elder Gods which would be played. Below is the starting setup

This time around I got Yog-Sothoth.

The players were quick to grasp the game this time around (3 of us had played it previously) & the game went well. Though I didn't get very far on my summoning track.

Alas Craig ran out of Cultists from his lodge & gained a last Elder Sign to seal his gate, causing him to lose the game.

After checking the victory conditions, Wiley walked away with this game as winner.

The board at the end of the game.

As the game progressed, it got a lot cagier, as all the cult's had curses on them, just waiting to spring based on actions. Thanks to those who played.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

So here we are, a New Year, which generally means fresh beginnings, goals, plans, aspirations & of course hope for happiness that the new year brings.

For me it begins with a new folder on my computer. To hold all of this years shenanigans. Of course it also means the goal of trying to get an hour a day at least for hobby time to paint/build & create. Perhaps less computer gaming is in the offing.

However while painted 'last year' these items were not completed until this morning with the matte over spray. So here are the first items for 2018!

Escenorama Ruin - I've finally completed another of my Escenorama ruins. These are multi-part kits. It seems they've added a few more building types to their line!

Wiz-kids Cart - I picked up this near the end of November, knowing it would be a great addition to my scatter terrain for Mordheim & Frostgrave. It come primed, so one only has to get a lick of paint on it. I am not overly enthused with these pre-primed or the Reaper Bones claims of not needing to prime, however with the temperature where it is these days. I worked in a pinch.

Spiderlings - Finally got 8 of these re-painted. These spiderling figures are from an older RAFM game called Death in the Dark. This game pitted bands of Black Powder using Dwarves against Crossbow wielding Elves. The elves had spiders that grew larger as the game progressed. These obviously were the smallest version. However they will make fine additions to my Frostgrave Critters.

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Managed to finish the 2 Echo Base Ally soldiers for my buddy. I used the Light (Skintone) dip in lieu of my standard Strong dip for these due to all the light colours.

So that completes my first post of 2018. We have been invited to a friends for some afternoon board gaming, which I am hoping my wife will be joining in on (this falls under the aspirations goal). 

Again Happy New Year & all the best to everyone!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last game of 2017

I was invited for a game of 54mm American War of Independence fun at Bob's place yesterday afternoon. To start this entire week has been insanely cold. As I went to start my car....ok, luckily we have a second vehicle, though it left my wife without one. It would seem the battery froze & is dead. Looks like I will be starting the new year with getting a new battery for my car.

Even today its -25 as I type this. Don't think it got any higher.

Anyway...the game Bob ran was using I believe the Command & Colours rules as it followed the 3 zones & cards.

Scott beat me there & thus he took the British... I got, the rabble. I do not recall the battle. Perhaps Bob will respond below.

I do know my troops consisted of Rifle (closest to the British), Militia (2nd rank), Provinicial, some Cavalry with George Washington & 1 group of 3 Regulars.

Scott started off with hammering my rifle units. I soon realized that these guys were actually pretty good units....if I could save them from being destroyed. 

My cards precluded doing anything on the right flank. However I had several left flank cards, thus I got George moving with the Cavalry. He was able to  cause the British Light troops to withdraw, only to have them rout when they failed to roll any flags to recover.

This system is certainly about morale. Every time a unit is forced to retreat, it must roll dice to see if they stay. If no flags are rolled, the unit routs. Scott had full units do this on 5 dice, Which I think is where the game began to turn.

I finally pulled the Provincials & Regulars off the hill & advanced, hammering at his end units as best I could, trying to kill off stuff, or make them rout. 

The game was close, but I did eek out a victory for the Americans. Lucky for me neither the Grenadiers or the Highlanders made it to my units.

Thanks Bob for hosting the game! Now its back to hibernation as the year draws to a close. I have several figures painted & drying from the dip. They will be my first post of 2018!

Happy New Year Everyone! --- except for the Politicians who feel that a New Year is cause to increase taxes!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

With last night ending with the spirits of Christmas past. We are now in the moment of Christmas Presents. Although both Christie-Anne & I are still dealing with our gifted flu/colds we still awoke to the tradition of Christmas Music, Coffee/Egg-nog/Rum drinks & unwrapping/tearing open our presents.

Fortune smiled on me as I was gifted with some more miniatures, books & of course love.

I was quick to snap some photos before placing them back beneath the tree.

Some Infinity figures - though they will certainly be used for other games. I still find myself shying away from games that require an app/ tablet to play

Also some Malifaux figures found themselves joining the collection. These are such cool figures, again I can see uses in other games, Frostgrave immediately comes to mind.

One of the books I received was the hard cover Witcher 3 Wild Hunt book. I am still stuck at killing the Kraken in the 2nd installment of the Witcher...so a long time before I reach this game. I have been enjoying the passion of cosplayers taking these characters from the game into reality.

So as we prepare the turkey for today's feast we have but one more of the Christmas spirits to pay homage too. That is the Spirit of Christmas yet to come. So I wish to thank all those who visit my blog & comment on my shenanigans. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Prosperous year to come!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Obi-Wan & Lando Calrissian

This past weekend among the flurry of Christmas related stuff, I managed to get 2 more of the Star Wars Imperial Assault figures finished.

So here are Obi-Wan Kenobi & Lando Calrissian

Like the others I've painted, these are for a friend. Mine are all still untouched by primer or paint. I have several more of them on the paint table interspersed with some more Zombicide zombies & stuff for Frostgrave. Looking forward to the Christmas break to get some more time at these!