Saturday, October 17, 2020

Zomtober - Week 3

 Where does the time go? 3 Weeks into October already & the flurries are now falling, with temps below freezing.


Alas no more priming or matte overspraying for the near future. However continuing on with my scatter terrain again this week.

3 more pieces done, 2 barricades & another objective marker.

First barricade built from sheet metal, & supported by tires.

Next up is a barricade made from pedestrian control barriers, wood & some pylons. I may need to take another look at these as I know I painted the reflective tape silver. Maybe the army painter dip removed it.

Nice that a couple zombies stumbled by to check it out.

Last is the latest objective marker. A suitcase with several books/magazines scattered about.

So while I was visiting Dollarama last week, I stumbled upon these vehicles at $4 each.

Who doesn't need garbage trucks during an Apocalypse? They would certainly make good blocking pieces to control an alley or street.

Then I added another Fire truck.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that these doors actually open? Is this really something you would want a 3 year old to have access too?

Either way, they make great additions to the vehicle collection.

I am currently working on a couple larger terrain pieces which I expect to have completed for next weeks post. So until then, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Zomtober - Week 2

 This is our Thanksgiving Weekend, where we indulge in turkey & stuffing. However as we wade through 2020 & all the trials its been throwing at us, we still have time to enjoy our friends & loved ones, albiet virtually.

 So between phone calls, food prep, etc. I've almost completed my 2nd weeks Zomtober offering. All that remains is a dullcoat spray, however with frost on the ground this morning, that will need to wait until we get warmer temps.

 So here we have the Cardboard Tube Samurai.


And his Zombivore variant.


Yellow is such a tough colour, its often washed out & needs mulitple coats to cover effectively. However when it does finally work, it really pops.


Thus completes my survivor for this years Zomtober. I am still working on the various objective markers & have a couple of larger terrain pieces that will benefit from using my new airbrush on. I just need to make the space & do come youtubing on Air brushing. 

So with that, I wish all my Canadian friends & followers Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone else, have a wonderful day & stay safe.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Zomtober Week 1 - Part 2

 Continuing Zomtober, I've gotten a few bits of scatter completed & started working on some of the Walking Dead objective markers & barricades.

Up first we have a couple of Fire Hydrants & a Garbage bin, all 3d printed by me from one of the first STL kickstarters I backed, but was unable to print as they were designed for a resin printer.

 I tried some weathering on them & am happy with the result. Orignally I was going to mount the hydrants on washers, but then thought that simply using a bit of sticky tack would be a better option.

As for the garbage bin, I added a bit of tissue, & a piece of sprue to represent rubbish.

Another item I 3d printed was an electrical box for use on the side of a building...which one day I will actually start building. I added a printed emblem with the electricity symbol. I find these online & then reduce them down to where I believe they would be to scale. Then after cutting them out, I dip them in water & mix that with a bit of white glue (thus making the glue watered down too). I find this works well, however you need to be careful & not handle them roughly or they shred.

Moving on to a couple of objective markers from the Walking Dead Miniatures game. Just did the 2 packs as they were quick. Again adding some printed magazine covers, or hand painted map.

Lastly I did up a wood fence barricade. This also comes from the Walking Dead terrain set. For the boxes behind, I filled the open ones with some small stones grabbed off the street.

So onto some more Zombie themed fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Zomtober! Week 1

 With the arrival of October, its now a month to focus on all things related to Zombie gaming! With that in mind, I've set aside several series of items to do for this Zomtober.

Starting out light, I've opted to just get a couple of 1/43 scale vehicles weathered for use in games. I likley snagged these at Walmart of a Dollar Plus store.

Here we have a couple of vehicles a VW Cabriolet & BMW SUV. So just some basic dirtying up on these. While I thought about adding graffiti on them, the odds are not everyone would have been interested in that when the world went sideways. You will see more of the graffiti on future posts.


 While first thoughts on a cabriolet not be a smart choice for survival, it does offer excellent firing arcs for passengers & the gas mileage is good! Just don't expect to be hauling any heavy loads.

The SUV on the other hand offers more storage for those 'must have' items.

Thanks to our Survivor & Zombies to provide scale.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Pulp Alley - Prize!



Last month I entered a contest for a chance to win a Pulp Alley miniature. For all the context & contest info, here was the video posted by Pulp Alley

Having submitted the chances for each figure. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Dave confirming my mailing address. 

Well today the prize arrived! First the note from Dave

And the prize!
I won Cricket!

This little fella will make a great Streetwise Urchin!

Thanks to Dave at Pulp Alley! For those who have yet to try this system, I suggest you subscribe to his YouTube Channel for some excellent how to play videos & then purchase this excellent system for all your Pulp Goodness!

As for what's next?


Monday, September 14, 2020

One Gold Piece & Frostgrave 2 Arrives!

Just before I began my Staycation last week, I supported a new Patreon for stl files from Westfalia Miniatures.
For their launch they started off with some Hobbit figures, a Werewolf & a Hobbithole facade.

 With that in mind, I grabbed the presupported figures & set out to print them on my resin printer

 After printing the first round I may have been a tad overzealous removing the supports with hot water, as a couple of the militia hobbits feet broke off. So off we went again & printed round two. During this time I also grabbed another of the presupported stl figure files & printed out some of them as well.

 So here are the results

Hobbit Rogue. What a perfect figure, complete with pack on his back of ill-gotten gains...or perhaps just his second breakfeast

Militia Man. The one on the left was the first run & as can be seen had a bit of trouble with the end of his pole, however he is still a serviceable figure.

Militia-hobbit 2. This fellow is sporting a torch & hatchet. This is one of the figures that suffered the foot amputation, thus only one of these figures remains.

 The Beast, or Werewolf if you will. Having printed him out, he could likely be printing a little larger than provided, though he is man-sized & will surely see some use in our Frostgrave games.

These are 3 figures from another of the presupported files I got. Female Thief, Dwarf Priest & Female Paladin, though her sword didn`t do well (again, this may have been caused when I was removing the supports.)

I had also tried printing some of the small scatter terrain, before I was totally understanding how supports needed to be applied & the fact you need to angle items for them to print properly (unless flat on the buildplate). The only items that succeeded were the trashcan, 2 hydrants & an electrical box.
As luck would have it, today I also received my copy of Frostgrave 2nd Ed & the new Frostgrave Knights plastic miniature box from Northstar.

Now we just need this pandemic to depart to we can get back into another Frostgrave Campaign!
On another note, I am also currently putting together the figures from the core box of Blackstone Fortress. Just getting all these winter projects ready, as the flocks of geese are begining to pass overghead & the temps are giving a preview of what`s to come. 


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Finished Projects

 As I had alluded to in an earlier post, I was busy working on a couple of repetative projects to get them finished & put away.

Well as of yesterday they are now both completed. Both were terrain tile projects for Kickstarters I had opted in for with Lunesdargent Workshop. I bought these for use in Pulp Games.

The first is the Aztec Ruins.

The other being the Egyptian Ruins


Of course now that they are finished, it will be time to start working on painting some more Pulp miniatures to use with them! Luckily we have Bruce who has a bunch painted for Congo, etc. Just a matter of having us being able to meet once again.

So what's next on the board? Well the mornings are certainly cooler & with this coming weekend being the last official long weekend of summer, its time to start getting stuff primed for winter projects. Also next month is Zomtober! So I will be getting a few figures from my Zombicide games prepped for that yearly event. I have some vacation time coming up & plan to spend a good chunk of it getting more of the 3d printing sides of things done. I've got a bevy of Patreon miniature stl's I want to start printing, as well as some more of the sci-fi tiles I've started on. Certainly no lack of projects on the table here!


Thanks for visiting.