Monday, February 17, 2020

Frostgrave Barbarians

This morning I sprayed the matte overspray on the 3 barbarians I was able to complete this during this weekends painting session.

All are Northstar Miniatures, the 2 on the left are from the plastic box set, whilst the right hand fellow is the metal Thief figure.

Otherwise its been a busy weekend of gaming, as we played our Frostgrave campaign game on Sunday & today I was over at Bruce's to play some Congo Gulch (his western themed variant of the Congo game).

I will be working on the Frostgrave AAR during this week.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

AK47 & some more Temple Ruin Terrain

Last night Bruce brought out a game of AK-47 Republic. 

Sides were chosen & we began the off table setup. Locations are randomized by dice roll. Players then dedicate their forces amongst the objectives. Where the actual table battle is fought is determined by the largest points of forces.

As expected, Tin City was to be the main battle. However the other units 'fight', the victors of which may become reinforcements at some point. However each space away from the main battle needs to be travelled to arrive.

Oh did I mention there as 35 minutes in the battle determined each turn by rolling a d6 & watching time tick away.

The defenders opted to place all 3 of the objective markers within the town, which they also dumped all their infantry. Tyler had our first 2 attacking units to make the initial assault. 

The troop qualities vary from Militia to Professional, with all the expected modifiers. The defenders did get their tanks (seen north of the river) & a long drawn out tank battle ensued throughout the remainder of the game.

Our reinforcements eventually arrived, but by then it was too late to get into the city & capture the objectives. We just didn't have enough time. The defenders won by 8 points.

I've also not posted much in the way of painting, however I have been busy building the first set of Death Ray Design dungeons (which there are still quite a bit of sheets to complete). I also cracked open the large GW Temple of Sigmar set to work on. I had hoped to have had it done in time for the last Frostgrave game, but didn't get it completed.

First piece is identical to the previous one I build, however this time I opted to place a single plinth at each end. You will see why momentarily. 

I kept the same paintscheme, having been quite satisfied with the first one.

The centrepiece being this large 2 piece temple base. With the iconography of the meteor & Sigmar, this will also be great for Mordheim!

I still have the pillars, braziers & some other varied bits to finish, but I did get the Gryphon statues done! What nice pieces!

They are multi-part & I needed to do a bit of filling on the backs of them.

As shown on the box, they sit atop the smaller temple base like so...

I am still working on the Deathray Design stuff, & with our weather generally moving to above 0's, can look forward to getting at least the first set completed, so its ready for spraying when the temp rises! Thanks for visiting

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Frostgrave - The Coming of Ambronnax!

This past Sunday we had our 4th Campaign game of Forbidden Pacts. This scenario was The Coming of Ambronnax.

One of the guys was sick & unable to make it, however we did finally get Craig to the table with his Level 0 Wizard.

Kalaryn (Apprentice) - Level 1 Summoner

Roach Lvl 7 Witch

Tellia - Lvl 0 Summoner

Barden Lvl 4 Summoner

Maximus Lvl 5 Summoner

 The Scenario & modifications.

Once again the Wizards & their bands pass through the portals. This time its to confront Ambronnax & prevent his passage to the mortal realm. They enter yet another temple ruin. A central altar sits on a raised platform. Several Flailing Wretches can be seen near the platform.

Once starting locations are rolled.

As well a body lies on the ground, surrounded by 3 more Flailing Wretches. The glimmer of an Amulet of Constancy can be seen on the body.

Special Rules:
Once locations are determined for the wizards entry portals, a d20 & direction dice is rolled to determine where the body of Sven the Apprentice lies with an Amulet of Contancy.

At the end of the 2nd turn, Ambronnax appears at the beginning of the creature phase, near the altar. Beginning on turn 3, the winds of magic cause each member of a warband to perform a Will TN12 test. Failing, causes 1 point of damage. Anyone wearing an Amulet of Constancy is immune to this effect. If a warband member falls due to this effect, they are merely taken out of action & do not roll for injury.

Another affect that Ambronnax causes, is that it locks down all portals, thus once a demon arrives through an active one, they cannot be reactivated until Ambronnax is destroyed.

Treasure picked up risk summoning another Flailing Wretch. Starting at 16-20 for the first treasure, the number is lowered for each additional. Thus the 4th treasure would be on 13-20. Location of the summoned Wretch is D20 & random direction dice from the grabbed treasure.

Treasure / Experience
50xp if the wizard is on the table when Ambronnax arrives
25xp if the apprentice is on the table when Ambronnax arrives.
25xp for each standard treasure recovered
50xp for the special treasure being recovered (Ambronnax True Name & roll on normal treasure table)
100xp to the warband that kills Ambronnax 

Now onto the report

So for the aftermath, here is what each warband gained & lost

Maximus (Scott) - 425xp, 100gc, Shroud of Foresight, Grimoire - Power Word

Barden (Chen) - 325xp, 20gc, Amulet of Stone Heart, Ring of Restoration, Belt of Animal Repellant, True Name of Ambronnax.

Tellia (Craig) - 195xp, 80gc, Fate Stone, Grimoire - Summon Demon (Sold), Perp killed, Tellia Badly Wounded.

Kalaryn (Andrew) - 140xp, 30gc, Potions - Elixer of the Chameleon, Restoration, Toughness

Roach (Terry) - 475xp, 50gc, Grimoire - Plague of Insects

So thoughts....well what can I say. Ambronnax died quick! He had been hit with a couple of arrows, then the Elemental Bolt on a 20 crit finished him. Even the wretches were not overly problematic. I opted to remove the 1 showing up every turn as we were using the portals & treasure guardians. The fact there were 5 warbands on the table, only 2 engaged Ambronnax. Perhaps adding Critical Immunity would have allowed him another turn to survive.

Another change I may make is to have the winds active at the very beginning. Besides the 1pt of damage, anyone failing also loses their actions for that turn. If in combat they would still fight back however.

 Fog of course is the go-to spell for almost every band, thus we have a table covered in it. We have discussed some changes to its persistance. Perhaps reducing the number each turn by 1 for it to dissipate. I will be looking forward to seeing if changes have been made in Frostgrave 2nd Ed.

I am sure everyone is happy to finally be able to replenish their warbands. The nature of the scenarious make it such that they are supposed to happen very quickly which does add a nice element to build anxiety. 

So thats it for this post. Thanks as always for taking the time to visit & read!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Couple of Quick Game Updates

We had our first club night, almost 2 weeks ago now. Bruce brought out a Napoleonic battle using the Lasalle rules.

The battle was a French bridgehead attempting to dislodge the Austrian forces. Richard & I played the Austrians, while Bruce & Scott were the French.

As the French Guns advanced, I opened up with my battery, totally missing them. Well this is off to a crap start. Bruce then returned the favour & wiped the only artilery the Austrians had off the field.

The French pushed the centre with their infantry attempting to dislodge the defenders in the town. The Austrians gave a good effort on the left flank.

Alas, the centre crumbled, however the battered French units were having their flanks crushed. I believe we called it a draw.

Then it was off to Craigs house to have a go at Batman! This was the Monolith game Kickstarter. 

Craig had pre-determined the characters for each of us. I got Harvey Bullock with a group of GPD baton wielding officers.

We had 4 objectives to capture. We had already begun with protecting Witnesses (Orange figures). We also had to interrogate crooked SWAT cops, hack a computer console & retrieve a briefcase from one of the Main Criminals.

Harvey with squad in tow follows the Witness to the crime hideout.

As the Crooked Cops opened fire on the good guys, Harvey spelled off one of his officers with the Witness into a subway car. We opted to take out 3 of the 4 crooked cops (they were using Automatic Weapons on us), Harvey went after the remaining fella...he had a few questions to ask him.

It was then, that Clayface came out of another Subway car & made for Bullock.

Ignoring Clayface, Harvey continued after the crooked cop! Alas for Clayface, he found himself in a crossfire from the other forces of good & was taken down quickly.

By game end, we had gotten 3 of the 4 objectives completed. Mainly due to some lucky dice rolls.

The game is similar to Conan by using the track for the opponents. Dice pools determine the amount of actions a character can perform. With the stance of the character determining how much of his tokens he gets to return to his pool each turn. Resting obviously provides the greater return at the loss of doing much.

The guys are over tomorrow for our next Frostgrave game. Thanks for stopping by!