Monday, February 13, 2017

Frostgrave - The Mausoleum

Sunday saw 6 warbands descend once again onto the city of Felstad, to discover forgotten lore & riches to further their needs.

We had a new warband arrive led by Innovar the Chronomancer.

As for the other warbands, they had added some recruits to their rosters.

Eben added the archer Balthasard & Valdemar the Thief.

Mario added Captain Hogan

Bob added Trojan the Treasure Hunter, Tommy Boy the Templar & Spot the Warhound

Maximilian added Slick the Thief, Bremen the Treasure Hunter & Heinz the Thug.

Ulrich added Rickon the Ranger & Jerold the Treasure Hunter.

The scenario was the Mausoleum, modified due to the number of warbands involved.

There were 4 special Bone Constructs guarding the Necromancer's treasures. These large skeletons were armed with Huge Weapons (+2 Damage).

Skeleton Construct M:6, F:+4 S:0 Arm: 14 Hits:10 They also had regeneration which at the end of the creature phase would increase any injuries by 1 point each turn.

These constructs would not activate until someone entered the mausoleum area & were within their line of sight. They would also pursue the treasure they guarded, should it somehow be moved.

As well each warband placed a single treasure using normal rules. Once placed, 2 skeletons were placed at each treasure & could be either normal or armoured skeletons.

As the end of each creature phase, a skeleton spawns from the central building & could be either normal or armoured as desired by the player rolling. The 4 special treasures in the centre of the board provided the additionsl 50gp & extra 20xp as per the original scenario.

The aftermath saw quite a few soldiers that will be missing the next game. It should be interesting to see who opts to unload them for fresh soldiers.

Mario 70xp, no treasures. 
  Vincent the treasure hunter died. Mario suffering a Niggling Wound.

Ulrich 300xp, 280gp, Potions: Strength (x2), Grimoire: Control Undead
  Rickon the ranger died, Ricky the thief & a thug miss next game

Maximilian 650xp, 130gp, Grimoire: Time Walk, Crumble; Ring of Will
  Maximilian suffered a Bad Wound, which he paid 100gp to heal. Johan & Stephan misses game
  Ludvig suffers close call & loses all equipment

Bob 420xp, 100gp, Grimoire: Wall (which he sold)

Innovar 470xp, 100gp, Grimoire: Slow; Orb of Power (8), takes Laboratory as base
  Bardley suffers close call & loses all equipment, Clarisse misses game

Eben 450xp, 100gp, Scrolls: Heal, Invisibility, Beauty; Bow +1Shoot
   Borke the treasure hunter & Anselm the thug misses game.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Chicago Way

Last night Bruce brought out his Gangsters & 'The Chicago Way' ruleset from Great Escape Games.

I chose to play the Gangster squad of Mad Dog, which consisted of Mad Dog, Spatts Mulligan (Driver) & 2 Tommy Gun Goons - Violin Vinnie & Amelia

Here are my group's stats & mission.

The game has a card driven action system, where the higher suit goes first & works it way down. Those with a high card can pass/delay if they choose to. The deck of cards also has events/actions & with a pool of 4 to start, an additional card is added  until a limit of 6, where one must be discarded. This causes a bit of a trade-off as high suited cards may be in that event deck.

Below my car after some initial failed dice, makes it to the Ice Cream Parlour. This is where having the cards off the board would be a much better option, though it would involve some extra book keeping. They certainly don't add to the image. 

As well, having them off board would prevent the opposing players from being gamey & acting against the card vs the miniature. What I mean by this, is if 2 players each have an 8. They will roll off to see whose action is first. This now means that player A could attempt to kill player B before his action. Without the cards being obvious player A may just have gone & done something else, not knowing who was the next character to act.

The 'Good' Cops arrive & begin to engage the bought cops. 

Bob sped his other police car up the street, where it was met with a spray of bullets (immobilizing the car)

Having grabbed the money bag, Mad Dog speeds off, though not before getting rear ended by another Cop Car. However I managed to pull away only to roll myself on the next turn.

There were a few rules we gaffed on, but with some more opportunity to play, we will get a better handle on it.

Now the remainder of my week, is prepping for this weekends Frostgrave game. 

Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Painting

As I prepare for this weekend's next game of our Frostgrave Campaign, I managed to get a couple things finished, mostly with the aim of 'being' ready for the game. I may need to lean on Scott for some Skeletal Support however.

First up is a couple more pieces of the GW Morr Terrain set which have been lurking about my paint table. I definitely needed the wrought iron fence piece for the game.

Next are a couple of Fenryll Resin miniatures I picked up quite a few years ago. I am sure they were meant to be Paladin & Holy Warriors, however I think these 2 could easily work as a Necromancer & his Apprentice. Certainly will make for an odd backstory.

I thought I would find a suitable emblem to emblazon their cloaks with (otherwise they would be rather plain). So I dug out some old GW Chaos Dwarf shield decals.

Next are the first of a batch of Skeletons I am working on for this weekend. These are both metal miniatures. The first I am not sure what line he is from, however the second with the spear is a Citadel one from the 80's

I painted the spear tip black to represent a fire hardened version. Though I suppose it could also have been a staff.

Lastly & without any real surprise, another of my Zombicide Black Plague Walkers is finished. Will she appear in the game this weekend? Perhaps, as there are indeed zombies! I notice I need to finish her off with quick green on the eyes.

Hoping to get a handle on quite a few more of the skeletons I have on the paint table throughout the week.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Frostgrave - The Road to Felstad

Sunday saw the launch of our new Frostgrave Campaign. I had 4 of the fellows bring out their warbands. Initial interest would have had 9 warbands on the board, but as expected, real life can often interject itself.

Each of us started with a 500gc warband & we are only using the casters from the original book. The expectation is that as we progress & the expansions are added, those troops, creatures & spells will also.

I have asked the players to come up with names for all of their soldiers. This didn't happen, though my hope is, that after seeing the AAR from our first game, they will put more thought into it.

We are indeed using some house rules for this campaign. Some of which are

1) experience awarded for soldier kills, 
2) fall damage for those silly enough not to spend an action climbing down,
3) a creature spawn every turn 
4) random direction/distance for creature spawn on a treasure roll of 16-20

The initial warbands who braved the first game are as follows;

The Elementalist Maximilian & his Apprentice Ludvig (Chen-song)

The Elementalist Mario & his Apprentice Toad (Alan)

The Witch Ulrich & his Apprentice Grinley

The Elementalist Bob & his Apprentice Timmy (Scott)

 The Enchanter Eben & his Apprentice Maul (Terry aka me)

Now onto the adventure...

 Thus ended our first foray before the walls of Felstad. Surprisingly, there were no deaths & I believe only 2 soldiers suffering an injury to miss next game.

Some of the further background on the scenario. The caravan was attacked by barbarians who have yet to be seen (yes they are from the most recent expansion & are a mystery to the Wizard's). Though most of the valuables had been plundered, there remained on each cart/wagon 1 treasure that would be rolled for as normal. An additional 2 treasures per warband were placed normally & each of these would be at a -5 to the dice roll to determine what they held.

The results were as follows;

Mario - 480xp, 280gc, Ring of Will, Amulet of Resistance, Bow (+1 Shoot), Grimoire of Awareness. Base - Inn.

Ulrich - 240xp, 251gc, Staff of Power (3). Base - Treasury

Bob - 410xp, 530gc, Dagger (+1 Dam), Dagger (+1 Fight), Grimoire of Curse. 
Base - Laboratory

Maximilian - 320xp, 550gc, Gloves of Strength (+2 Dam), Scrolls - Wall, Shield. I didn't get the base for this band.

Eben - 260xp, 70gc, Bow (+2 Dam), Potions - Toughness, Healing. Base - Library

The highest level wizard will be the featured characters on the cover for the next scenario.

It's my hope that some of the other fellows, who although they cannot commit to the campaign, may come out for a game or 2 as guest warbands to enjoy the social gathering this game has inspired. 

Thanks for reading.