Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mayday 2017

This post is the end of Mayday 2017 for me & the others for another year. Kudo's to Jonathan for carrying the torch & keeping this gaming day alive.

We moved to a smaller venue & had to limit such things as the auction (was more of a game swap meet) & tournaments were smaller than usual. However the turnout was good, with easily 8 to 10 games running during each of the time slots. 

For the morning session, I hosted 4 people in a game of Frostgrave. Once again I set up the table for the Magic Fountain scenario (this is an excellent convention scenario, as wizards are drawn to the centre of the table).

A couple skeletons arrived early, but were easily defeated.

There was one Wizard take-down by a warhound.

For the afternoon session, I finally got to try Blood & Plunder. My first impression is that the Spanish SUCK! They seem to have a lot of crappy troops.

It will take a few more sessions of playing this ruleset to learn how to play with the Spanish.

 The evening session was a game of Zombicide Black Plague. We played Scenario 1 & surprisingly had a fairly easy go of it. There were not nasty surprises & things were quite spread out in a way that allowed the partly to easily handle things.

We found the dragon bile & torches early in the game. And the result was wonderous to behold!

So with everything stashed back downstairs & the blog post completed, it's time to get to bed. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pikemen's Lament at EWG

Last night, Dave brought out some of his ECW stuff to play a game using the Pikemen's Lament ruleset.

We played the Battle of Auldearn where I played the Covenator forces under Hurry with Dave Parker.

Below our forces take the field

The forces of Montrose were played by Chen & John? ( a newcomer to the club). Their initial forces were deployed in a line ahead of us. (left side of image)

Things were going back & forth. Montrose arrived & dealt a blow to our pike in the centre. Meanwhile our 2 muskets were whittling down the pike in front of them. As the rules do not allow units within 3" of one another, it was quite a bottleneck. This meant units in the front were stuck in battle til they won or died.

Alas a failed morale by Montrose saw him flee from the field. Macollaugh who was next in command had his unit decimated (he was down to his single figure) & he withdrew.

Our remaining forces lined up, just outside of musket range & were in the process of moving around to the flanks, as marching ahead into musketry hidden behind walls was  a fools errand. At this point the game was called & victory points were applied. Having succeeded in completing 2 of our objectives, the forces of Hurry won the day. 

Thanks Dave for bringing it out.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Quite a Mixed Bag

As I paused my pursuit of completing the core box of Zombicide Black Plague Zombies (due to needing to run the game this coming weekend), I did manage to work on some other things.

First up I completed the 2 heroes from the Star Wars Imperial Assault - Bespin Gambit expansion. Davith Elso & Murne Rin

These are the first of the latest batch of Star Wars figures I am painting for a buddy.

Next I completed the first of the 2 boxes of these Shadows of Brimstone Slugs.

These are 2 piece plastic models & come 3 per box. My intent is to use them as Giant Worms for Frostgrave (or perhaps even use them as Giant Slugs in a scenario of my own devising) complete with acidic slime.

As well it was a good week for arrivals, seeing the second part of my Conan Kickstarter arrive, as well as the Scrappers ruleset

While we were out, I saw these 2 lions at the dollar store. Once placed beside the miniatures I realized they are a little large....not that there is anything wrong with that!

Another arrival was my Path to Osiris Kickstarter of Egyptian ruins (which I bought for pulp gaming). The first image is some of the pieces & how they arrive

I did a test round on 4 of the pieces to see how they looked with a Yellow Ochre / Light Army Painter Dip scheme.

I think I found a use for those pots of Light Dip now! Granted the figure is on quite a raised base, but I think the walls could have been a little higher. Regardless they will look good on the table.

So that's all the news for now, it's off to the club tomorrow & then Mayday is happening this Saturday!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The countdown continues

I've been home sick for the past 3 days, thanks in part to someone who felt coming to work sick showed their 'work ethic'. Needless to say, that's where I picked up this cold & between coughing & blowing of the nose, managed to get 4 more Zombies finished.

2 Runners

As well as 2 Fatties

I will be taking a minor break from painting more Zombies, & am working on some Star Wars Imperial Assault figures for one of my gaming buddies.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back to the Zombies!

Another light week, with only 2 more Zombicide Zombies getting completed, as well as another Skeleton for Frostgrave.

Here we have another Walker & Runner.

I am quite aware I should be getting a few more of these done during my painting sessions, however I've never been a fast painter & am my worst enemy when it comes to distractions. 

However I also got another of the old Citadel Skeletons figures finished.

Back to my current distractions; I have 10 Mantic Ghouls on the go (we are quite short on these for our Frostgrave Campaign. I have also started work on some large slug critters from Brimstone (which I will use as either Giant Worms or create a creature based on them), most likely they will be used in 'The Worm Hunts' scenario which will be forthcoming in a couple months.

As well there is the new variant of Necromunda which has everyone in a tizzy to get kill teams done up for, so I had to stop by the local game store to see what caught my eye for that. Certainly not lacking for things to do hobbywise.

Oh & did I mention it was that time of year when the Stanley Cup playoffs are on & we actually have 5 Canadian teams in the race for it, which includes the Ottawa Senators (the team I root for).

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Frostgrave - The Silent Tower

Our campaign continues, with our 4th foray into Felstad. This week we played the Silent Tower scenario. We had 4 warbands take part.

The warbands come across a ruined tower that makes the spell users feel unsettled. They can feel that the tower is a null field, where no magic will work, & yet they know that a great treasure lies at the top.


The aftermath found the warbands with the following;

Ludwig - 130xp, 20gp & a 2 handed weapon with +2 Damage (which he sold to collect 400gp). Stefan misses next game. Ludwig suffered a bad wound requiring 100gc to heal.

Innovar - 355xp, 40gc. +2 Damage Hand weapon; Purp misses game, Innovar suffers a close call, Erot is slain.

Bob - 580xp, 20gc, +1 Ring of Protection, Tofer slain.

Eben - 290xp, 400gc; Borke misses game