Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Bruce brought out his Congo stuff as a playtest for his running of it at Fallcon this weekend.

We had 4 players vying to find the golden banana's. This would be accomplished either by sheer luck, or by deducing its location via clues found in various terrain features.

Now I will not reveal where the Banan's were found, however clues would provide either a Latitude, Longitude, Exit Location or Feature where the Banana's were NOT.  

I had the African Tribe faction with a Chieftain & Witch Doctor.

What's this? Stinking Nazi's!

The gathering of clues continues. Chen sends one of his units amongst a collection of huts & awakens some Cannibals.

Maybe this guy up here know's something. His clothes make him appear important! Most of the clues lay within dangerous areas which when entered by non scout units would prompt a potential random event.

Alas, Bruce had forgotten his trees & had grabbed the wrong bin, so I said, perhaps these were quicksand pools.

After recieving some fire, I managed to charge into one of Chen's units, pushing it back with some losses. The camera crew were impressed with this new 'Reality TV' they were filming.

The banana's were found & the chase began, as 1 unit died, another snagged the banana's only to find themselves the target of many terror rolls. The Nazi's meet their demise at the hands of some native muskets.

Chen won the game with a daunting lead of VP's from killing units & cannibals. Good luck with the game in Calgary Bruce!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Frostgrave - Trolls!

This eve I completed 3 Reaper Bones Trolls to use for my Frostgrave Critters.

Initially I thought these would go fairly quick, as I finished painting their flesh...but then I soon realized there was quite a bit of detail on these 'Bones' figures.

About 8 hours later, these are the finished results.

So that's it for this quick post before I head off to bed. Tomorrow night it's off to the club for some Congo being hosted by Bruce.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Model Trains to Blood & Plunder....what a day!

Quite a busy sleet filled Saturday, with flurries & rain making any outdoor activities very wet, today my wife & I were off to see the Model Train Show.

I attend this every year, just to ogle the fantastic layouts people have built in their clubs. This year was no different! However I will allow some of the photos I took speak for me on this.

Watching the looks on kids faces was quite enjoyable, almost like Christmas!

All era's seemed to be displayed, this European setup was quite enjoyable.

The amount of LED's used now is impressive.

The fella that makes the buildings below, I've shown in my previous Model Train Show posts. He continually amazes me!

The remainder of the images are of an 0 Scale display that the owner is looking to find a new home. I am sure he will not have too much trouble.

As with all shows of this nature, there are naturally vendors who may have just what I'm looking for...this year I purchased a couple more vehicles at a price cheaper than Walmart. Now with this being said, there were a lot of Collectible vehicles in this scale that were quite expensive & not what I am willing to pay to use in my games.

I also picked up some more grass tufts, these were taller than others I currently have.

It was also a good day to replenish my glues & putties, what with Winter seeming to have arrived, even if its for a day or 2.

Before heading off to the train show, I had to snag a parcel from the Post Office. As expected it was my Blood & Plunder Kickstarter, some others near me have already received theirs as well.

I picked up 4 of the starter sets

As well as 3 of the boats they released. I used one of my existing figures for scale. He is 28mm & this game uses 32mm figures. I am sure we can get by using both scales.

I then pulled out one of my Flagship Games Gunboats for size comparison of the Fluyt

And the Galleon, what a monster! There is a prow piece missing from the front which comes in the box & needs to be added.

As well there were numerous other single miniatures, & extras as part of the Kickstarter, but all the above were the main things.

Last but not least, I stopped by the game store to snag my copy of Kill Team Rogue Trader. 

All in all a very busy day of hobby related fun. Thanks for following along with my adventure.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Frostgrave - Wolves, Wizkids & Garage Sale find

Another busy weekend as the weather begins to turn for the worst. However I finished 2 of the old GW plastic Wolves

I also picked up another of the new Wizkids terrain kits, these come pre-primed & will be perfect for use in the Library scenario.

Lastly we attended the Gibbon's Townwide Garage Sale, though with the weather being somewhat wet, I did manage to pick up some missing seasons of Outer Limits, more books from the library sale, & these 2 little gems!

I got the pair for $1.00

Next up I have 3 of the Reaper Bones Trolls on the table, as well as 2 boxes of the GW plastic Fenris wolves.

Thanks for visiting.