Saturday, July 4, 2020

Core Space - Purge Live One & Butler

Had a good paint session Friday where I managed to finish off the Purge Live One & got a start on the Core Set Civilians

For the Live One, I went for using a light pale green (Nurgle Flesh possibly) followed by some contrast paint over all but the palms of the hands. Then touched up some of the raised areas with watered down pale green.

I then completed Butler, one of the 3 civilian NPC's

This leaves me the 2 remaining Civilians to complete the core set. Hope to get those started tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Core Space - Devastator #2 & Assassin

Continuing to work on the Purge, here is the 2nd Devastator & the Assassin.

I tried applying Dull coat on the guy, however the temp was below 15C & when i brought him in, he immediately frosted....& this was with the Testor's Dullocoat!

So I just repainted his red & metal pieces to hide the offending frosting. So now it comes to whether having left him in the garage until dried it would have not frosted, or just the temperature. Going forward I will just play it safe & only spray over 15C, & wait for it to dry out there.

With that resolved I also painted up the Assassin. From what I've read about these guys, you don't want to be the one in charge when they arrive.

I was also looking at the background for the creation of the game, they originally planned on using black for these guys. As I have another from the Kickstarter, I think I will use black when I do paint it, just to see how it pans out.

I am now well into painting the Live One, & then that just leaves the 3 civilians from the core set. After that it will be terrain prep (colouring the edging) & building. Then I hope to set up & play through a solo game. We shall see.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Core Space - Devastator

This morning I have the first of the two Devastators completed.

Described as little more than Tanks, when these fella's show up, there is no more compromise.

While applying the red, I was noticing something interesting with how the red looked depending on if it was over a white prime patch or where the black/boltgun metal had been applied. I should note that I am using craft paints from Michael's for the red.

Liking what I was seeing I went for a black wash over all locations the red would be applied for the next Devastator. It has now had its first coat of red applied & I expect to complete him this lunch hour.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Core Space - The Harvest is in!

Good day of progress yesterday as I completed the remaining 4 Harvesters for the Purge.

I also got a good start on the Devastators, 1 of which I hope to complete today. Of course having Kickstarted this game, there are some more Harvesters I will be needing to paint, but again I am just focussed on the core game figures for now, just so I can get it laid out & begin learning the rules. I will likely do similar to my Frostgrave Campaign & create the Comic Life stories of the adventures. So please stay tuned as I continue this project. Thanks

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Core Space - The Purge Arrive

Now that I have my first 2 crews completed, it was time to begin working on the Nemesis of the system - The Purge!

Here are the first of the Harvesters, from what I understand, the most common of the Purge, though no less deadly.

I at first did the shell in a darker yellow, but didn't like how it was looking, so went with a lighter Desert Yellow. Much happier with this result as again I am basing the colours on the images in the book as well what I see many painting on the Facebook site.

So there are 4 more of these to paint, so expect to see them in future posts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Core Space - Tirgarde

This morning I bring you the final member of the Ion Hope crew - Tirgarde

Just perusing his background this guy is a bit of a loner, more in it for himself. Not sure how trustworthy this guy will be in a fight & would he really watch your back? Guess we shall see.

Next up is the start on the Purge, beginning with the Harvesters. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Core Space - Gak & Roykirk

As seems typical of the hobby best intentions are oft left wanting. This was the case this past weekend, as although I had hoped & intended to complete the rest of the crew of the Ion just wasn't meant to be. The lawn beckoned for a good mowing & then my wife insisted I assist with some weeding, thus the 5 hour block I had set aside for my hobby session, became 3.

Oh well, that's life. However I did get 2 of the crew finished & applied the Dullcoat this morning.

Here we have Gak & Roykirk

When it came to painting Gak, I am glad I looked at some other folks painting, as I didn't at first realize that most of his legs are bared. I originally thought he had some baggy type trousers on. I hope going forward that the illustrations provided show a whole body for those of us that like using them as guides to paint our figures. As in all the games I have with characters, I always try to paint them to match their cards, making it easy for players to identify them. I am not a fan of this clip on coloured disks that many games provide.

So that leaves 1 crewman for the Ion Hope, which I will be working on during my lunch breaks.