Sunday, July 18, 2021

Stargrave - Homokanis Trooper #2 & Scatter Terrain

The best laid plans & all that. I had intended on getting the lawn mowed today, however Mother Nature had other plans. The addition of Wildfire Smoke blanketing the area from the BC fires just added to the fact I was meant to be indoors today.

 Here is the next Homokanis trooper I finished. Not sure if the images show it well, but this one sports an eye patch. Thus his Pack name will likely be Squint.


Another nice 3d printed model from Bob Naismith. So while painting this guy, I started thinking about Wolves & how they travel in packs. Then I thought perhaps I could make this crew a pack of Bounty Hunters. Thus I styled his 'bounty' ribbons hanging from his belt. So I will likely go back & repaint the other troopers 'ribbons' as well for consistency.


So while I've been working on the Homokanis, I spent the past week printing out some Space Scrap piles I had gotten on Thingeverse. These were made & posted there by ImperialTerrain.There are several, but for today's painting session I completed the smallest of them.


I was able to get 2 onto the print bed. Then it was off to painting & weathering them to look like the junk they now are. Of course I couldn't help but take the opportunity to throw a couple decals on them!


Here they are with a couple of figures for scale.


For the next week, I will be continuing to paint the Homokanis during my lunch breaks & likely reserve next Sunday to get another 1 or 2 of the Scrap piles done 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Stargrave - This just in!

A happy moment collecting the mail today! My Stargrave mdf templates arrived from Nick & Northstar Miniatures!

These heavy duty templates are nicely printed with vibrant colours. Each set consists of a double sided flame template. Fire & Ice! I ordered 2 sets when they became available, which is why your seeing more than 1 template.

As well there are the 2 round templates, also double sided. 


An added bonus is some data & physicla loot tokens.


I know many of us, me included, have made up actual tokens to represent the various types, but where these will come in, is that once an item has been grabbed....we can swap it out & slide it under the base of the figure carrying it! 



Now to let my spurt of hobby happiness be spent at the paint table for lunch! Thanks for visiting! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Stargrave - Homokamis Trooper

Continuing on with the Homokanis 3d printed crew, here is the first trooper figure.


Each carries a good mix of melee & ranged weaponry to quickly quell all foes.


I will be continuing to paint these fellows up during my lunch hour hobby time. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Stargrave - Aroo Gah!

This weekend I started painting up the Homokanis figures I purchased from Bob Naismith's webstore. These are stl files for 3d printing.

 Who better to start with than the leader figure, whom I've named Aroo Gah!


 Armed with 2 hand blasters & also equipped with his auto weapon, he leads his crew is search of booty.


I was thinking to run them as a crew, but they will also be great for pirate mercenaries as they  will certainly stand out! 

Friday, July 9, 2021

Stargrave - Next Crew Prep

Moving towards my next Stargrave Crew/Pirate project, I've spent the past few lunch hours getting the bases finished.

So this post is more about the bases than the figures, but I will give a teaser at the end!

I used some bases from a GW base set. 


These are quite detailed & took longer than I thought. I wanted to keep in the same vein as the other bases I've been doing for Core Space & now Stargrave. In effect they are painted Charcoal Grey (craft paint) followed by the sponging on of metallic silver & Tin Bitz (Or is it Tinny tin these days)


Again I've been snagging old model kit decals to finish them up with some text/numbers, etc. I expect as I continue, there may be some emblems also making appearances. Once the decals are applied & dried, a sponging of rust is applied to complete them.

I was even able to start using some of those many German vehicle plates. So with the success here, expect to see more.

So who will be getting based on these? Well I can tell you, its another batch of the figures I bought from Bob Naismith. This time going with the Homokamis, which appear to be wolf headed spacefarers ( any relation to the space gnolls of Nick's?)

Photo owned by Bob Naismith.

I have 9 of them printed from the set I got, & also have some other options to complete the crew. Though it would be nice to get some specialists from this series. Perhaps an email to Bob is in order....or I will in fact make some gnolll specialists.


So there are numerous other things afoot for the next while as I continue to print the 3d stuff I have & work at painting....though there isn't a hope in hell I will keep up!



Monday, July 5, 2021

Stargrave - Dante's Revenge: Yin & Yan

Today I bring you the last 2 crew members for the Dante's Revenge. Not the official ones that Bob had done for the crew, but 2 that I chose from another of his figure sets.

I present to you, Yin & Yan, a sister & brother team.


Yin has a sniper rifle whilst Yan carries a heavy launcher of some form (it could be construed as a grenade or rocket launcher). 


Two more of Bob's excellent 3d printed figures. As too whats next? Not sure as I've got lots on the go as we draw closer to being able to get together for in person gaming again! 

Friday, July 2, 2021

Stargrave - Data Loot Markers

Yesterday it was the Physical loot, today its the Data Loot Objectives. Again these were created by Obsidian Prime & posted to Thingeverse. There were several to choose from & I selected the ones I wanted to use. These were printed on my resin printer.

 Up first, the laptop computers


I really scaled these down, again with the intention of them being an approximationg of a realworld computer. Likely still a little big, but not the scale they would have been at 100%

Next there were 2 standup computers, with 2 different sized screens.


These were also rescaled. These will also prove useful for some other game systems.

Lastly we have a central computer with 4 terminals & a holo projector on top, as well as  a larger version of the containers.


Here is an image showing how they look with one of my crew.


It's likely I will be printing more of the larger containers, as they make great scatter terrain bits.

Currently I am working on the last 2 members of my Dante's Revenge crew, hoping to have them done this weekend. Thanks for visiting.