Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Zombicide Campaign - Day Zero

After a previous training run to learn the system, we redid the first scenario & it went much better, though close to a quick finish of the campaign... We had 3 players out, so each of us ran 2 survivors.

 So with the board setup, we began. Wanda was at the greasy spoon she worked in, getting breakfeast ready for the morning crowd.


Ned was cursing aloud readying his axe to take down the door of his vault...sans key.


Phil was arresting Josh....again for more graffiti.


A 'Bad day' about to get worse for this fellow...


The day begins as any other....Ned does crash through the vault door. Phil & Josh head to the police car.


Josh decides to open the door to the closed building... finding zombies shambling about inside. This can't be good.


Those not infected do manage to gather in the central area & begin bashing zombies. We are gonna need more weapons!


The search begins...hold them back!


As weapons are found & distributed, things got rather painful & a brief fallback into the building.


Having made a Molotov,  Ned approached the swarm coming down the street...


And torched them!


Having found a chainsaw, we quickly figured out a great method of handing it off to one another to rush into zombie mobs & cut them down.


Eventually Ned got to Red! The objective to allow us to make our exit.

Battered bruised, the survivors prepare for their final dash to the exit. (By this time all were down to just 1 or 2 wounds remaining.

The swarms continue to arrive, just as we were leaving!


After our escape, food was cooked & we had found enough that with the pan over the fire, we have a bit of food remaining for our next scenario.

All survivors managed to retain gear & we did get to keep the Chainsaw! 

Til next time...



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    1. Thanks Matt, is got really tense when we got swarmed with a double walker action twice in a row. Every survivor had to take wounds to ensure they all survived. Lucky for us the chainsaw didn't break!