Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HOTT Warmup

Tonight we played some warm-up games of HOTT as we had one of our players unable to make it for the launch of the HOTT Campaign.

We've also brought an old friend out to play again. Chris squared off against Chen. I hear it was a close won battle with Chen winning the field. I am sure once the cobwebs are brushed off Chris, he will make a come-back.

Dave & Dennis had a battle, with Dave taking the field. They were developing their strategies for using flying elements.

I was busy setting up the campaign map & then joined in on a 3 player HOTT battle. Well in fact it was more a 2 vs me battle. The battle took quite some time as I refused to die...again & again, but was eventually whittled down, & now that I think of it...rather than fight it out to the finish, they were just happy to have defeated me & the game ended...hmmm.

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