Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maurice - Has anyone seen Maurice?

Last night at the club Bruce brought out his 15mm miniatures for a game of Maurice.

Dennis & Bob played the Prussian forces while Bruce & I fielded a mixed Austrian / French force.

We started with hidden setups, so neither side knew exactly how the opponent would deploy.

We also had cards that gave us a National Advantage & then a Special General Card. My National Advantage Card allowed my troops to March Obliquely, being well drilled. The Hero card would have given me some other nice abilities, but they were very short lived, as on the first turn, Dennis poisoned him & he left the battlefield.

Our deployment saw me set up a holding force to guard the sheep (Objective) on the hill with cannons & 2 militia units. The rest of my force would swing around the flank of the hill.

Dennis counteracted by moving 2 Infantry units around behind the bad going & moved his Cavalry up. I then played a card allowing me to move one of his units, so I moved one of his Cavalry up by itself.

The next turn I played my favorite card of the game 'That's not on the Map!'& plunked a bad going terrain feature in front of his other Cavalry units.

Dennis & I had to spend a couple turns maneuvering & passing to get more cards in our hands, during that time he moved his Cavalry unit back somewhat, but I was able to take it out with 2 of my Cavalry units.

Dennis then brought all his Grenadier units to bear, in line. I attempted to charge & shatter him, but he rolled some fancy dice & got 6's on all of them, so I was repulsed. He then shot one of my Cavalry down. The other I was able to retire.

I did manage to swing my Infantry Columns out in front of the hill & the next turn, they all reformed into line & swept towards Dennis's force. A see-saw battle ensued with volleys & charges. I lost one of my Regular Foot units, while Dennis lost one of his Grenadiers.

For 2 turns Dennis tried to drive his Cavalry thru the bad going & into my lines flank, but I was able to stop his both times with cards preventing his move.

By this time we were at endgame with just what cards we held in our hands, both of us were on the ropes with many units suffering disorder hats, but I was able to knock Dennis down to the point where his command broke. Above is the image of endgame. I will need to leave it to Bob  to post the battle from his end of the table where he vied against Bruce.

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