Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sergeants - Day of Days

WOO-HOO! I picked up my copy of Sergeants - Day of Days at the Post Office today. Needless to say I could hardly wait to open the box & check it out.

Now I know this game has been around for a year now at least. The only way I discovered it was due to a new Kickstarter promoting Red Devils by this same small company - Lost Battalion Games.

I have a friend at the club who shall remain nameless who has the habit of doing horribly with dice, so when I was reading about this game I thought...Hey! Heres a game for He who will not be Named & he won't have to roll any dice.

So I decided while I was waiting for the Kickstarter to complete I would look back at what existed from this game system. There are several expansions already & from what I have read & watched on various sites, this game was getting good reviews.

The game however is not cheap. The company is small & from what I can see from the contents, are pulling out all the stops to ensure your getting Bang for your Buck. Most boardgamers will cringe at the price, but having been a gamer for the many years I have, I am not afraid to support a company that believes in quality & is willing to go the extra mile.

An example is the miniatures that come with the game. There are only 10 of these guys, but all are metal, come pre-painted & they even go so far as to give you glue-tabs to use for mounting the figures on their bases.

The map boards are double sided for multiple options based on scenarios.

As well each soldier comes with his own action deck of cards showing his stats & abilities. If the soldier is wounded, the card is flipped to show the modified abilities.

As club night is next Tuesday I will reading up on the rules for this to prepare.