Saturday, February 9, 2013

The First Figure off the Painting Plank!

I've just finished off the first of many Pirates. As well another of the Descent miniatures has been completed.

Up first is Krutzbeck, a Dwarf Berserker of sorts.

A nice simple, solid model.

And next we have the first of many Pirates. This Captain model is actually one of the plastic ones from the Weapons & Warriors Pirate Boxed Game. For a hard plastic Gamebox figure this guy turned out fairly well.

I had to do a quick touchup on the back of his coat as I discovered a brush hair had decided to leave its dollar store brush & remain on the model as I was painting on the dip.

I've decided to try some cheap brushes for my dip painting as I need to use a brush cleaner to washup after & dreaded the thought of using expensive brushes for this. I will just need to keep a closer eye on the model once the dip is brushed on to ensure no errant hairs remain on the models.

The black dot on the back of the base denotes that this is a Captain figure. I was going to use a white swatch first, but then after looking at the rules noticed that no browns are used to depict specail characters.

The rest of the first crew are primed & currently in various stages of completion. As well there are more Descent figures on the table as well.

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