Monday, November 11, 2013

3rd Annual Remembrance Day Gaming afternoon

Poppy - ''Lest we forget''

Let's be sure to start off this post right.

Lest we forget, today we paid homage to our fallen. The sounds of the pipes, the minute of silence & the remembering of friends who are no longer with us.

The afternoon found Scott & Chen come out to my place to spend the remainder of the day playing Zombicide.

As you can see, this was going to be a massive game. I used every tile from the Original game (with an extra set of tiles), Toxic Mall & Prison Break. I had 1 tile not appearing in this adventure.

The objective was simple, get to the Choppah! There were of course a couple of hitches. The first was that the only person able to fly the helicopter was last seen in the confines of the prison before all hell broke loose. The second of course was the Zombies.

Things started off well enough. We got to the first building, got inside & then...

A Zombie popped out of the manhole.

We continued searching the building. Meanwhile the swarms were starting to build.

We were lucky to have found a ready made Molotov & had it waiting for just the right moment. Things were getting messy in the building as we tried drawing as many Zombies as possible to the one end of the building.

We were seriously bogging down & then Whoosh! The Molotov cleared the room.

We then rushed into the next batch of walkers & then the worst thing possible happened...

All the Zombie Walkers got an extra over as we were decimated. If you count, there are 9 Walkers in the zone with us & that does not include the 2 Runners & Zombie Dog. 9 wounds on 5 characters.

We set up to play again, this time we removed several of the spawn sites. Of course this time around, the first building we checked was swarming with Zombies.

Raoul was having a bad day. He rarely succeeded in hitting his targets, & even when all he wanted to do was search, found a Zombie instead.

Which of course killed him.

He returned as a Zombivore (basically a zombie with his brains intact).

The others didn't fare much better. We ended up having no items to open doors, as they were lost with those who fell.

Ok, so 2 fails with the run to the chopper, so we had some Lasagna & returned to try the original scenario (with expansions)

Things were going well, though we got to the yellow danger level quite rapidly which in turn caused us grief

El Cholo was the first to fall, after having failed to finish off a zombie dog. It had 3 activations & El Cholo was no more.

Meanwhile we had an abomination appear. Here Phil gets a first hand look before jetting out of the building. Noone could harm this thing, so the best we could manage was to stay away from it.

Raoul was determined to maintain his record of least reliable character, as these 3 runners took him down.

We ended up again getting overwhelmed & were finished off by a card giving the zombies an extra activation.

Thus ended the day of gaming. I will likely bring this game back to the club for some more plays & hope to have more people give this game a try.



  1. This is such a fun game. I love it, unfortunately my local game group has less love for it than I do - a lot less.


    1. Yes it is a good game, fairly easy to learn, even with the expansions. I am running it again at the club this Tuesday. Will be the same scenario as above.

      Will see how it goes.