Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flying Colors at EWG

Last night at the club, Bruce brought out his Sailing ships to do battle. I don't recall the actual battle we refought, but his ships were looking great!

Kevin & I played the British against Dave & Scott who were the outrageous French. Below is an image of our starting positions.

After a couple of initial long range volleys, with nary any damage, both sides quickly closed the distance & the broadsides began to tell. The white smoke shows which broadsides had fired in the turn.

The British lost their smaller vessel & had a couple more crippled with little or no rigging left.

The French were also feeling the burn, as several of their vessels were reduced to class 6's & 7's. Bruce had printed off some ship sheets, which allowed most of the counters to remain off the map, which we all readily agreed was a wise choice.

An interesting game which I hope to see at the club again, as it was the first time for many of us to have an opportunity to we need to pressure Bruce into holding a Battle of Trafalgar....just kidding!


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    1. Yes Michael, Bruce did a fantastic job on his sails & rigging. He still has some flags to finish off to more easily define the was a bit confusing when the lines broke & everyone was trying to get rakes on one another.