Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Red Devils Have Landed!

I had a couple parcel notices arrive in the post office during the week, but was unable to pick them up until today. Upon getting home from the usual Saturday chores I ripped the boxes open & was buried by what was inside.

First thing up was the base set for the new game from Lost Battalion Games. Of immediate note was the Kickstarter Logo proudly emblazoned across the box.

And then I noticed something else which kind of blew me away...they had placed a property notice on the corner with my name & backer number! Now how cool is that!

So I thought for a moment, they would have had to have each box cover of their Kickstarter supporters printed & then hope that they didn't goof on the shipments.

Another bonus of this Kickstarter was the option to purchase characters Named by you. Of course the German custom character had to be Steiner! And then I went & immortalized myself. Of course everyone at the club is now saying "I can't wait to kill Terry now in a game!"

Another thing of note is that every item of the game has a tag showing whom packaged it from Lost Battalion Games.

Again these came pre-painted, so apart from gluing them to their dog-tag base (the glue tab is also supplied) they are ready to go.

There are a bunch of other miniatures in the base box as well to get you started.

A close-up of the box contents.

The Red-Devil  base box figures.

The German base box figures.

Of course there were the extras I got as well to keep me going for awhile until they produce some more material.

Hasty Positions and Pontigou Farm

Infiltration and British Airborne Reinforcements.

Game Masters Aide Kit & Veteran's Pack

Of course some more of the miniatures to add to the forces. Here I have a Piat Team, Mortar, Sniper Team & Pathfinder Team.

 I also got the Operation Tonga Kickstarter Pack.

As you recall at the top, there was a second package. It was my copy of Heroes, Villains & Fiends for In Her Majesty's Name.

With a storm coming in the next couple of days, these arrivals will certainly help me weather it!

I will likely ask Scott to come out to give this new Red Devils a couple play's before I bring it out to the club, hopefully the second meeting of December.


  1. Well that is just about as cool as it gets!

  2. Hi Michael, yes, I knew about the custom figure as we got to name them, but having the name on the box is over the top!

  3. I shall look forwards to hearing what you think of Heroes, Villains and Fiends :)
    Charles and I shall shortly deliver the manuscript for the next supplement - Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun - which takes the IHMN adventures out into the mystical orient...

    1. Excellent news Craig. As noted on one of my more recent blogposts I am currently prepping the Scotland Yard company to mount on my newly cast Bases using the Basius moulds