Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bolt Action at EWG

Last night Dave brought out another game of Bolt Action. This time we played the Villers Bocage scenario, where Wittman & his Tigers ambushed a British Armoured Column.

For this battle the British had lots of units, but had the challenge of using their 6 action dice wisely. Below the front of the armoured column about to get a big surprise.

The Germans used their first turn to run all their tanks up to the hedges.

One troop of British tanks began to fire on the Panzer IV. A Tiger then joined in to silence the Firefly.

A turn later, another troop of British tanks arrived behind the German force. The Panzer IV rushed over & was able to destroy the Firefly from point blank. This will also be a good time to point out the massive number of 1's that were rolled during this game for both hitting & penetrating.

The other British Shermans were using Wittmen's backside as a shooting gallery, again taking several shots before finally getting a penetration. Ok, that's sounds wrong.

A German Infantry platoon arrived & took out one of the Sherman's with a Panzerfaust.

It was at this point that Dave realized he has overestimated what the break points of both forces would be. So after another turn it was deemed a marginal German Victory.

Now I can focus on getting the last of the Society of Thule painted up. Then its likely time to get started on the Zombicide characters for my buddy who wants them all painted as part of a consignment.


  1. That looked like a brutal encounter! Cracking looking game.

    1. Yes it makes for quite a battle. The challenge for the British getting the rear/side shots without becoming victims themselves. Their limited dice makes who they have perform actions adds to their confusion.

  2. Thanks Terry - great photos!

    1. Thanks Dave, they wouldn't be without you running the game!