Monday, June 16, 2014

It was All Quiet When...

No one would have believed that in the last hours of the 16th of June
that human couriers were being watched from the windows of  my living space

No one could have dreamed the parcel he carried was being scrutinized
as someone with a craving studies steak that flames and sizzles from the BBQ to plate.

Few even considered the possibility of what it contained,
and yet, as the box was opened and the packing displaced,
emotions became immeasurably excited
as the contents were regarded with envious eyes,
and slowly and surely a plan was made.

At 1900 hours on the 16th of June a huge mass of styrene plastc erupted from the box
and sped towards my photo booth to capture the moment in time, then...

across several inches primer hurtled towards the plastic bits coating the first of the sprues that were bring so much calamity to my painting space

 As I watched there was another jet of paint.
It was another primed sprue starting on his way.

 And thats how it will be for the next several weeks,
a flair of paint spurting out from the primer can, leaving a drying sprue behind it.
  A beautiful but somehow disturbing sight.

 My buddy Scott assured me we were in no danger.  
He was convinced that between us there would be no unpainted miniature be placed on that remote forbidding gaming table battlefield.

Thus has arrived my long awaited Wave 1 of the All's Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter.

The Packing Slip has quite a bevy of goodies listed. In effect;

 1 - Hard Cover Rulebook
 1 - Starter Rulebook

95 - Dough-boys
  5 - HMG Teams
  8 - Rough Riders
10 - Human Prey
18 - Mk II Baldwin Steam Tanks
  9 - Mk III Tanks

70 - BEF Infantry

90 - Zombie Troops
10 - Assault Tripods                        
  3 - Grenadier Tripods                      
  9 - Scout Tripods                            
  1 - Scout Tripod with Targeter   

As well as various dice, counters, trenches, maps, templates, & posters.

Looking at what has not yet been shipped, this is just the icing on the cake & will certainly provide us with some good size battles to learn the rules.

Tomorrow is club night, so I have offered to bring Zombicide to ensure we have enough games for players. Should have some photos up of that for Wed or Thurs night.     


  1. You lucky, lucky man! Can't wait to see it underway.

    1. Thanks Michael, I am rather excited! Just another of the many distractions that blow my plans out of the water. Scott & I will be discussing a plan to get some stuff painted ASAP to start playing.