Friday, June 20, 2014

More Zombies!

The last batch of 5 zombies to complement the completion of Wanda is now done.

Of course the majority are Walkers

Followed by another Runner & Fatty. I did pick up a bottle of the Tamiya Clear Red as disclosed by the esteemed Michael Awdry & started dabbling on some of that fresher blood.

I think the anti-shine spray may tone it down but you can see it looking closely.

Up next is Ned from the original Zombicide as well as another 15 zombies. Also I have the first unit of 3 Mk II tanks primed & they will be seeing some paint very soon.


  1. Looking good, you might want to put the Clear Red on after the anti shine, or possiblly a dab of gloss vanish on the gore for that 'fresh' look - I think about this stuff far too much!

    1. Thanks Michael, I was thinking the same thing. I do the eyes after the matte spray as well just so they pop. Lets see how this next batch turns out.

  2. Great looking additions to the horde