Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Zombicide and Dungeon Command at EWG

Last night was club night & we managed to get in 2 games! First we played the second scenario of Zombicide.

This game had Scott, Craig, Andy & Bob join myself.

We had a Toxic Abomination show up within the first couple rooms, but were saved by the timely finding of a circular saw. We gave it to Nick whose being tough compensated for the toxic blood.

We were quite lucky with card draws, having only a couple fatties & mostly walkers or nothing spawn each turn.

As we broke out of the buildings, a lot of gunfire ensued to clear the streets. Now that's a lot of noise!

We were quickly able to outdistance the walkers behind us & made a run for the exit. We didn't lose a single survivor.

Craig then set up his game of Dungeon Command. I ended up with a goblin faction.

As luck would have it, I started with 2 little goblins & a wolf.

Scott started off with his large drake. The first few turns saw us gathering up treasure.

I eventually got a troll & he headed towards Scott's drake.

Bob had done a good job of whittling the drake down with damage, so by the time I was able to move in, it was pretty much over.

Andy who had very lucky treasure finds ( he had 3 with 3 loot markers) won the game.


  1. Always good to see a zombicide game, but I love the look of Dungeon Command.

    1. Hi Michael, yes Zombicide makes for a perfect club night game & will look much sweeter once all the Zombies are finished. I did pick up a bottle of that Tamiya Clear red to use for the fresh blood, almost finished the next 5 zombies to see how it turns out.

      Dungeon Command was interesting, but it seems its another game that has seen the door closed as the company proceeds in another direction with making miniatures for WOTC. Shame as boosters & other factions could have continued the system.
      It too was another game thats good for a club night & hey! The Miniatures are already painted.

  2. I have played Dungeon Command and really liked it. The only house rule we had was a balance of treasures on each side of the board. One side with 3, 3, 2 treasures has a huge advantage over the other side with 2, 1, 1.

    It is too bad Wizards doesn't support either the Adventure Games (Ravenloft, Drizzt) and Dungeon Command. I figured the crossover between the two was smart and would keep both going. Wizards seems to make a habit of not supporting their games - except of course for magic and D&D.


    1. I think they must be following the path of GW of making good 'Specialist' Games then not supporting them, but they won't pass them off to someone else to continue. What's that about history repeating itself?