Monday, September 22, 2014

A Bit of Everything

It's been a busy time for my wife & I. This past weekend we attended the Annual Model Train Show in Sherwood Park. As well we are now looking forward to the Edmonton Comic Expo. The weekend after that I will be heading to Fallcon.

Between all these outings, I've been working on getting some more of the consignment of Descent Figures painted, as well as finally finishing my concrete barricades I picked up.

So without further ramblings, onto the photos.

First up, the Model Train Show.

It's impressive the amount of work that people have invested in the hobbies they enjoy.

Of course Tim Horton's is always a hit!

The number of features that are now lighted are impressive.

A lot of the layouts portray real world locations.

Again this year, as in 2012, I found Ray & his amazing scratch built depression era streetscape.

He has added more vehicles and people (which he sculpts himself)

As well he has built all the buildings from scratch & is now adding interior features to them.


Of note is that whereas the other layouts displayed are built by multiple people. Ray has done this himself which is a testament to a goal.

I also completed 3 more of the Descent figures. Below we have

Merick Farrow


& Bol'Goreth

Something else I've been working on is some concrete barriers which I picked up from Tiny Worlds Wargaming. I got these after seeing some ruined walls over on 28mm Victorian Warfare's Blog

Not content just to paint the barriers I endeavored to seek out some Graffiti Decals. Where better than from Model Train Hobby shops. A google search soon found me a bunch of O Scale Graffiti.

I actually got quite a mix of these barriers, some complete, others battered & cracking or crumbling.

I intend to use them for Zombicide as well as ATZ games down the road. These will nicely complement the new Barricades which were in the 3rd Kickstarter.

My goal is to continue working on the Descent consignment & hopefully get a couple more figures ready before Fallcon. As well Zomtober is rapidly approaching & I intend to participate again this year. More details on Zomtober can be found here.


  1. The train layouts were amazing!
    Nice figures dude.
    Love your barricades!
    Glad to hear your in on Zombtober.

    1. Thanks Bob for all the comments, I really enjoy the model trains shows for numerous reasons. Seeing what others have created, & checking out the vendors for those items we didn't know we had to have until we saw them.

      Yes I am happy with the barricades as well (they were one of those items I didn't know I needed til I saw them). Yes looking forward to Zomtober, as anyone with Zombicide knows, there are a LOT of Zombies!

  2. That Depression era town needs a tripod striding down the street! The graffiti on the barriers looks amazing. Well done!

    1. That would make for a huge Tripod Scott! It's at 1:24 scale. Although looking at it, I would really like to find 15mm vehicles like that for the game.

      Yes I was glad to find the graffiti decals, as I really wouldn't be able to do as well freehand, though I suppose if I could find a REAL graffiti artist, he would likely enjoy the challenge.