Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gibbons Town-wide Garage Sale 2014

Well yesterday saw what I consider the end of the Garage Sale season for me. As much as stopping when you see a sign could net you a good item or two, often it just delays getting what you were heading out in the first place to do done.

However since moving to Alberta I've discovered the wonders of Town Wide Garage Sales. These allow me to spend a day out with my wife while she haggles over crock pots & old antiques. They also give me a chance to snag some goodies for gaming.

Where I live there are 4 Town Wide Garage sales I attend (one of which is our own town's), Gibbons being the last of the year.

So here is what I managed to find while out yesterday...

First up were two more of the old McDonald's Flintstone houses. I use these for Barbarian/Goblin/Orc huts. At 50 cents each, I was content, as I've been searching for these for some time.

Below are another pair I got quite a few years ago & you can see how well they paint up.

Another item I've been keeping my eyes open for is 1:43 scale cars for my Zombicide type games. I managed to get 3 this year (none over a $1.00). There were many more but people were asking outrageous amounts for what I intended them for.

I often poke my head into the various toy boxes people tend to have. I found this cart, which the lady said I could have for free. Can't beat that price.

Another fellow had some gaming stuff (Star Wars Miniatures, & the Wizkids Hobbit clix figures). Prices of course were somewhat based on rarity...something I find lame when all I want them for is gaming, however he had a box with these 3 terrain making bags. $5 for the 3 items seen.

And now the find of the day. One fella had some Toy Soldier Magazines on his table. As I started looking through them, he said he had some other Miniature type stuff in his van.

So I bought the 2 boxes of these bulletins from The British Model Soldier Society. They are not fancy by any means, but I always like finding old things like this to read through.

I realized after the fact that I should have gotten the Toy Soldier magazines while I was at it, but it totally slipped my mind.

Other items such as Books, DVD's etc I also picked up. The last purchase of the day as we were heading home was a copy of Axis & Allies which the person claimed was complete, so I will need to confirm that.

Up next are 3 more Descent figures that I've just dipped today, so will likely have those to post tomorrow eve.

Thanks for reading.


  1. some good bargins there. The town wide garage sales are a great idea - not heard of that before. We have a lot of car boot sales over here in England and you can get some bargins occasionally. I've picked up some cheap airfix kits and avlon hill games.

    1. One never knows what you will find at these venues, so its always a good day when you do.