Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Kickstarter Arrives! & some Mk II MG's

I got a call at work from my wife stating that I had a BIG BOX arrive at the post office...needless to say it made my focus pretty single minded the remainder of the day. Now it was also club night...thus its opening would be delayed.

So to begin, I did play my first ever game of Robo-Rally at the club. Quite a fun little game where the best laid programming can be ruined by a vast amount of things.

Now onto the Parcel!

I had received my Reaper Bones II Kickstarter a few days earlier. So this was adding even more icing to the cake!

What I saw when the lids was opened.

The plethora of goodies the carton contained

And of course the closeups of the products.

These wolf guys look at all familiar? I was a very big fan of the Rackham Confrontation miniatures.... & I am sure many of those sculptors were involved with this line.

I also picked up a couple of the promo figures, although I wasn't able to get everything.

The requisite Rules book, hard bound.

There were also a couple of Zombicide characters that could be gotten through this Kickstarter...of course I had to have them!

So as my adrenaline returned to normal I finished off my unit of Mk II MG steamer tanks.

I am now working on 3 units of Mk III Steamers & then have quite a few other units to build.


  1. That's a great haul Terry, nice tanks too dude.

    1. Thanks Bob, not sure when I will get to putting those Wrath of Kings together to paint up, but its fantastic seeing the Kickstarters starting to arrive in time for the spring when I will be able to prime them outside. Not quite there yet.

  2. Terry, yer outta control - but some of that stuff looks awesome. I actually passed on the Wrath of Kings and went for the Journey one instead....which is also really late.

    Speaking of which - at BGG a buddy of mine won the Rivet Wars complete package and he is not a wargamer or miniature gamer...know anybody who wants to buy it off him?


    1. Thanks Brent, I am a sucker for sweet looking miniatures.