Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zombicide Campaign Begins and a couple vehicle wrecks

Last night I started my long term Zombicide Campaign. I say long term as we will only be playing one Tuesday a month at the club (thus allowing me time to paint up more survivors, zombies,etc)

The goal of course is to play through all the scenarios, as well as a bunch of the fan made ones.

Of course, as its a campaign, I decided some alternative rules would need to be added, to allow survivors to develop. So off to the internet I went, looking at various house rules people used.

So here are the ones developed thus far. Of course others may be brought into play as the campaign progresses.

1) All Survivors will have 5 wounds. Each wound inflicted would still require the loss of an item. If no item is available, then an extra wound is inflicted.

To recoup & recover from wounds, several options are available
  a. If the scenario is completed & all objectives met, a wound can be recovered.
  b. If a survivor uses a combination of 3 food items, they can recover a wound
  c. A character can drop a level of XP threshold to recover wounds. ie: drop from Orange to Yellow tier to recover a wound, or Orange to Blue to recover 2 wounds. Of course a character cannot reduce wounds below the Blue tier.

2) Effects of wounds.  If a character suffers more than 2 wounds, he loses 1 action per wound beyond 2. Thus at 4 wounds he would suffer -2 actions.

3) End of scenario. Each surviving character may retain 1 item they left the board with.

4) Searching. Characters can search more than once per turn, as long as they have the actions. However each area/zone may only be searched once per character.

5) Survivor Hit First Rule. I have followed some other folks house rules. Survivors in a zone in which a range attack occurs are no longer automatically hit first. Now if someone makes a ranged attack, any rolls of 1 on the die, will apply a wound to a survivor in the zone. This does not apply to those with the Sniper skill or weapons which allow players to choose their targets.

6) Cars. Vehicles wishing to be driven will now require a gasoline card. Each turn driven, roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, the vehicle again breaks down. The use of another gas card will allow the vehicle to be driven again.

7) Searching Vehicles. Vehicles searched now yield the top card of the item deck. Police vehicles follow the standard rules of drawing cards until a weapon is found. The other cards then being discarded.

8) Zombivores. If during the scenario, a player dies, they return the following turn as a Zombivore. This poses a danger however as each turn, the Zombivore may 'Turn'. After each Zombie phase, roll a die. If the total of dice & Zombivore wounds does not exceed or equal 7 or higher the Zombivore turns & is now against the players. The Zombivore will still retain all skills, equipment held, etc. It will use its skills/weapons, attempting to slay the players. If the Zombivore survives past the end of the game, you can expect down the road it will make more appearances, however it will wield the weapons of the model.

9) VIP Walkers. Once the first player attains the Red level, the VIP Walker cards are added to the spawn deck. Each time one of these VIP Walkers is removed, the top item card falls from the deck, face-up into the zone. Once cleared of Zombies, this equipment can be picked up using 1 action.Other rules for the VIP Walkers remains the same.

Sorry for the long winded rules mods, but now onto the Scenario.

01 City Blocks:
It's been a couple weeks since the world changed. One minute everything was normal, & then all hell broke loose. Several of us managed to get inside a building & bar the doors. The sirens & screams could still be heard, but as the days passed, became less & less. Now 3 days have passed & we haven't heard anything. Our food stocks are running out, so we have no choice but to leave our safe haven. Arming ourselves with what was available, we unbarred the door & stepped out into the Streets.

The start of the game & the players. From Bottom Left to Right. Phil (Bruce), Doug (Bob), Wanda (Chen), Amy (Larry), Josh (Ian), & Ned (me)

The objectives:
Take all the Objective Markers (there were 6)
Find at least one Canned Food, one Rice, & one Water card. Also one member must have retained a Frying Pan to cook it in.
Then reach the exit, with all 3 food items & pan.

Wanda sped out of the Safe Haven & opened the door of the first complex, unleashing several waves of Crows (odd how even after shuffling, they had stayed together) 

The remaining survivors all moved into the same zone as Wanda & awaited the onslaught of crows. They didn't wait long.

After wiping out the crows, the survivors entered the building & started searching, turning up several weapon upgrades.

Having cleared out the first building, the survivors enter the street & begin moving back towards another block.

Upon opening the door, they were confronted with quite a few walkers, including toxic & berserk! Ned had found a molotov which made short work of them, thus clearing the building.

A couple of the survivors had by this time garnered quite a bit of xp & were causing greater numbers of Zombies to arrive. The image below is how it looked upon opening the long building. At this point, they realized the odds of a successful mission were not likely, so they made for the exit.

Several wounds had been inflicted, however no Survivors fell & all escaped. The scenario was failed however, so no wound recovery from that source.

Each of the survivors will start the next scenario with the following


On another note, I completed the matte over spray on these 2 derelict vehicles. These are resin models from Ainsty's castings, which I first saw on some other Zombicide posts on the facebook page. 

I am quite happy with how they turned out, though if I had some smaller decals of the graffiti, it would have enhanced them a bit better.

The graffiti decals I did use, I touched up with some white paint to fill them in a bit.

 Up next I have a batch of Zombies on the table, as well as the Nick & El Cholo figures, in preparation of their eventual arrival in the campaign.




  1. Those car wrecks are awesome. Really well done.

    1. Thanks Scott, I have some dumpsters & Garbage Bins I am working on as well.

  2. Utter carnage! So all the zombies, cards etc. all now in one big pile as you work through the scenarios from the beginning? Sounds like wonderful fun and the cars look wonderful!

    1. Yes indeed Michael, one big pot of cards, though as of yet, I have not added the newest skinners or seekers, they will arrive in due course. Aye I liked the cars too, as seen on several other Zombicide players blogs. I have that schoolbus as well to paint up.

  3. Entertaining read Terry and the wrecks look great.

    1. Thanks Bob, I think they will extend beyond a zone due to the base, but otherwise will fit in nicely. Of course, an All Things Zombie game will work perfectly for them.