Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zombicide - Phil (aka Rick Grimes)

Another of the original 6 is finished. Here we have Phil (but it never fails, I always refer to him as Rick)

and of course his Zombivore variant

This leaves Josh as the last of the originals & he is currently on the paint table. However as my stay-cation comes to an end, my painting time will be reduced as well. It was nice having 3 hours a day to spend at the paint table for the past week. I will have to try to make an effort for at least 1 CD worth of music an evening if I am not too tired from work, but experience has shown this is not always possible.


  1. More nice work sir; well done. :)

  2. Thanks Pulp, trying to get the originals ready for a campaign at the games club. One more to go!

  3. He is always 'Rick' when we play too, great job again Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael. Glad I'm not the only one to have that fault hehe