Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zombicide Campaign - Chapter 2

After fleeing the hordes of Zombies upon our leaving our safe-house, we entered a new area of the city, which initially was empty of Zombies. The goal was to put as much distance between us & the following Zombies. Of course as our stomach's rumbled & our tongues swelled with lack of water, we needed to take some time to search & hope to get some more supplies. (The one objective on the board is a Medical Kit which will heal a wound on a character)

A side note, was that the turn following our first, a new spawn point would appear behind us, as the Zombies from the previous game follow us.

Initially things were not too out of hand. The group decided to get into a central area where we had choices of shooting or melee.

The dreaded Crows arrived early. These pesky things are easy to kill, but slow a group down from moving.

We entered one of the buildings & even as we starting finding some equipment, also found some more Zombies!... Easy come easy go!

We ended up getting bogged down in the building. Even though we cleared it out quite quickly, we may have waited too long.

Blasted crows...

Things were very tense, but we weathered the storm & finally found an opportunity to slip out & make for the exit. There were just too many Zombies coming to continue to search.

Everyone was able to make the exit. Most had managed to snag an additional item.

Great, look whats going to keep following us, we need to find someway to stop this trend.

So here is where everyone is at the close of this chapter.

Wanda was the big star this scenario. having started at the beginning of blue, she managed to get into the ultra-red & got her signature item as well...the Chainsaw!

Amy also got into ultra-red, she also took the medic skill which should be a big help.

Of course all this power means that 2 more unlocks have occured. The Skinners & Seekers will be making their entry. 

As well a Survivor will likely be added as well. So this got me wondering how to best add survivors & when it occurs, Zombivores into the games.

Then I recalled all the alternate language cards I had. So after downloading the Crackhouse font, I just printed on plain paper, cut the names out & with a bit of glue stick...

So how it will work for most survivors is that they will be added to spawn decks & when drawn will be deployed. If they appear during building spawns, their addition to the survivors may be very short-lived unless they can be saved.

Thanks for reading.

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