Monday, August 24, 2015

Zombies Again?!

Of course there are more Zombies...and a great many (over 200) to go, though I will likely be mixing it up a bit more.

First up, 3 Walkers

and a Runner with a Fatty.

I've also started going back to my earlier figures & am adding the rubble bits to the bases.

So all in all a very short post, but that's good for a Monday.



  1. Having played a couple of games the other day with a good many painted zombies it is definitely worth the effort and these certainly look the part.

    1. Thanks Michael, I agree, the games will indeed look so much better with fully painted hordes. Even all the various survivors will work wonderfully for some All Things Zombie games as well! Keeping my eyes on that upcoming kickstarter for the Post Apocalyptic Cardstock Terrain to add some more insanity with multi-story Zombicide buildings

  2. Nice work Terry. :)

    Save some for Zomtober! :)

    1. Hi Pulp no worries of that, I just did a quick count of whats left for painting & I stopped at 200+ Zombies...that will serve me right for getting the extras on the Kickstarter hehehe