Sunday, September 18, 2016

Frostgrave - The Haunted Houses

Today we had 3 warbands descend once again into the environs of Frostgrave. The bands come upon a raised ruin of some long forgotten monastic order. The central tower rubbled, with 6 outlying structures.

Ember leads her band onto the board.

The first wandering denizen to arrive was a Vampire.

Scott's warband makes it to one of the ramps leading to the tower.

At the opposite end, Andy's warband also begins to make the climb.

Ember casts fog to screen her bands movements from Scott's ranged troops.

Andy's troops are the first to enter one of the small ruins.

A long ranged shot crit's one of my archers.

Scott's thief enters a ruin to awaken a Wight. He died rather quickly.

The fog cloud continues to be extended, allowing Ember's troops to scale the platform & snag one of the treasures.

Andy & Scott's Wizards squared off with Elemental Bolt's back & forth.

Andy eventually scored the telling blow.

The Vampire, caught up to Scott's Treasure hunter & critted him.

Andy had a real fear of Scott's Marksman & kept casting Fog & Walls to screen his soldiers.

Scott's band was eventually all taken out of action. Both Andy & I took away 3 treasures each.

The after game results were

Scott - 330x'p; Thief & Archer died, Treasure Hunter & Archer badly wounded & missing next game.

Andy - 600xp; 410gp, Ring of Will, Grimoires of Reveal Invisible & Strike Dead

Terry - 840xp; Templar, Archer & Dog Dead; 350gp, 2 Grimoires

At this point after levelling it was determined that Ember would have achieved level 31. With the other warband wizards being so far behind, we discussed the ending of this campaign & restarting at our next meeting.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Marc, one of the advantages of playing in my home, not trying to haul it!

  2. Lovely board but my word, that game looks like carnage! Fabulous stuff.

    1. Thanks Herbert, yes our games tend to get quite bloody & there is usually 1 wizard or apprentice who doesn't get to continue.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, though after this last game, we will be hitting the reset & restarting our campaign. It seems my wizard got too far ahead of everyone else.

  4. A superb looking table that must be great fun to game over.

    1. Thanks Silver Whistle. I would happily play on your gaming table & its a bit humbling to hear the comment from yourself.

  5. Looks like a cracking game - bravo! Pringles tubes?

    1. Thanks JP, yes they are indeed Pringles, though did not attain the results that your's did. I will likely be making some Hirst Arts ones similar to those I saw on the Frostgrave Facebook site.