Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gibbons Town-Wide Garage Sale 2016

So once again, today marks what I term, the end of Garage Sale season. At least for me, as I only tend to be interested in Town-wide ones. As usual, the Gibbons Garage Sale sets the high standard that other towns are still trying to emulate & attain in their own.

Once again, some cash in hand we hit the town & it was a good (though somewhat expensive) day. What I am showing here is a part of the haul, as between my wife & I, we purchased at least 20 DVD/Blueray movies. I also got quite a few more books at the library sale & from houses visited.

So up first I found this kids tower in a box & paid 50 cents. I should easily be able to fill the gap with some foam, strip the hinges & get it all glued solid. This will be a future post. A figure has been placed at its base for scale.

3 of the Hard Cover books. Pretty much $1 each for hardcovers was the standard I saw today. As usual there will be sales where the prices are higher.

As the day was winding down I stopped at a home that had quite a few books, I managed to find a couple Pratchett novels amongst them. Then I saw this guy, so I managed a deal for the stack of 10 books I had & this guy for $10

That's when I started talking to the folks there & after some discussion learned they were pretty much done with Warhammer, & miniatures in general. With some more discussion he offered to give me what he had left.

Now to be fair, none of what the boxes were, contained everything expected. They were more pieces & bits, leftovers from previous use. But there was still quite a bit of stuff as shown in the next 4 images.

The Tau Battleforce box had a couple pieces of terrain, some of the old GW jungle trees & lots of TAU drones, with a couple space marines in the mix. 

The Devilfish box offered some other goodies, namely a knife set, file set & some clippers.

The Tau Codex & a Warhammer 40K rulebook, certainly not the newest version, but then I don't play 40K.

He also threw in these Battlefleet Gothic ships & a bag of all his old paints ( likely most are long dried out, but you never know). I gave him $10 for the batch.

A couple more 28mm scale vehicles have joined the pile. $1 each.

Earlier in the day I ran into a fella selling lots of collectibles, model kits & a couple GW items. Rather than pay the prices seen, I got both for $80. Some of the Warhammer figures have been build, but most of the sprues still seem to be intact.

Another great day, with lots of sun, though the gusting winds wreaked havoc on some vendors glass items. I am pretty happy with the finds & can now relax the rest of the evening with a beer.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Some great bargains there. Love the tower in particular and the chap riding the steed of Slaanesh is a marvellous mini!

    1. Thanks Simon, my wife & I always enjoy the town-wide garage sales & make a day of them. I always find something at them! Some years are better than others.

  2. Sounds like you got some good bargains Terry. As mentioned by Simon, the Tower looked good with plenty of potential and I liked the 28mm pickup truck.

    1. Thanks Silver Whistle. I always take a peek into those 25 cent boxes of toys looking for the larger die cast vehicles. One never knows what lurks in those.

  3. Looks like Christmas... and a lot of bargains!
    As Mr Whistle & Quinton said, The Tower looked like it has high potential and the Cars are Superb! I also liked the "add on" of the Battle fleet ships! Gratz!

    1. Thanks Galdar, they will certainly make for some good trade material at a bit swap or auction.