Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Second Game of Pulp Alley

Bruce once again brought out his Gangsters using Pulp Alley. In this scenario, the Police needed to get Mr. Big the Informer from one side of the table to the other.

There were 4 Civilian Plot Points, which when collected would either increase Mr Big's Movement, or slow him down. The Gangsters would be coming in from both sides to prevent Mr Big from tattling. Mr Big was a Major Plotpoint, & if  the challenge when contacted was successful would win the game for the Gangsters

One of the groups for the Police consisted of Hornet, Kato & the Shadow. Below Hornet moves to engage a Tommy Gun armed Gangster

Several gun duels occured on the streets, with neither side getting some sure kills. However the police snagged a plot point & allowed Mr Big to move 12".

Kato laying the smackdown on a pistol wielding ne'er-do-well

Alas, one of the Mobsters ran up & succeeded in capturing Mr. Big. Truth be told, I thought the figure on the corner was another plot point & totally ignored him, thus losing me the game.

I will lay the blame on having to run both the police factions, as we didn't have a huge showing at the club last night. Oh well, better luck next round!


  1. It does look wonderfully exciting.

    1. Pulp Alley is quite a cool system with the way Initiative works & the choice of dodging or returning fire in engagements. Will certainly be looking forward to playing more with the system to learn more of the mechanics

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gobbo, I will let Bruce know. He even built his buildings so that they next within each other, making travel that much easier.