Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gaming Weekend

I spent the past 4 days gaming with numerous other like minded folks at a retreat surrounded by snow covered mountains & lots of trees.

The last view of the mountains before being engulfed in snow covered trees.

With the temperature outside being frightful, the crackle of wood burning, lots of spirits & mirth prevailed.

Thursday started off with a game of Zombicide Black Plague. Joining me at the table were Brent, Jordan, DJ, Terry B & newcomer Chris. 

The fickle finger of fate points out that we have a Fatty in our midst!

An early Necromancer spawn saw him making a run for an exit point.

The party, less the dwarf (who was running to cut off that fleeing Necromancer!)

Things were getting nasty, an Abomination was now present & lurching towards us

We succeeded with the ultimate Dragon Bile Pile! Catching both the Necromancer & Abomination in its cleansing flames!

Brent then hosted us in a game of Conan, where I played the wizard Hadrathus. The player boards were a little bit daunting & I think we would agree they take some getting used too, which of course would require playing more games of it.

If the player board was daunting, we were totally gobsmacked by what awaited us in the Pict village. Our mission was to find a kidnapped princess & take the head from the Pict Shaman.

The next day I got in a game of Cthulhu Pandemic... Cthulhu awoke dooming the world. I also played Rock Paper Wizard ( a game where players perform magical hand gestures at one another).

Most of the folks present are for the most part board gamers. Of course I need my miniatures fix, so at the behest of Brent who has been wanting to try, brought down my Frostgrave stuff to run him through the rules. In fact I had 4 players who had never played it before.

Probably my favorite scenario for a convention, one-off game is the Magical Fountain (as it tends to draw the players into the centre of the board) 

Alas, none of the Wizards braved the journey, preferring to sit back & try to kill each other. In fact we did have a Wizard kill another Wizard.

And the response by he who was slain.

One of the players snapped the photo below & I added it to provide a view of the shenanigans that were occurring

The astute will notice the improvised bar fridge in the form of a canoe.

The remainder of the weekend consisted of playing a 7 player game of Eldritch Horror (We WON!), 3 games of The Adventurers - Temple of Horus, another game of Zombicide Black Plague & a session of 5th Ed Dungeons & Dragons hosted by Brent.

Another well attended fun weekend, though the long hours of little sleep also made the return home in time for the Walking Dead very much appreciated.

Thanks to the hosts for running this getaway!



  1. What an amazing looking getaway, fabulous fun.

    1. Aye it is, though I would happily like to see more Miniature gamers at this mostly board game event! Now I need to recoup my sleep schedule

  2. Great getaway Terry, what a beautiful place!

    1. Thanks Gobbo, I suppose I could have gotten a couple photos of the lodge, but that would have meant going outside....

  3. Looks like a great time and some fun games on that list.

    1. Thanks Brian. Certainly lots of meeple worker placement games occurred, though they are not my type of games. I got to play those I wanted though!