Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Batman at EWG

This eve, Bob  brought out his Super Hero figures in homage to Adam West. We used the Pulp Alley rules  for a classic Caped Crusader Showdown

The scenario pitted Batman with sidekicks Robin & Batgirl, as well as Inspector Gordon & his Men in Blue against the escaped Kingpins of Crime -  Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, Harley Quinn & Catwoman as well as their flunkys.

The objective for the forces of good were to apprehend (KO) the 5 Crime bosses. Their objective was unknown to us.

The Penguin & flunky Blades  enter the table.

Batgirl, watches from a nearby rooftop & begins flinging batarangs at the Penguin.

The Joker making for a plot point. We soon discovered that the phone booths were plot points, but only for the lawless forces.

Inspector Gordon & some of his officers were tied down by Catwoman & more lackeys.

Robin engaged the Penguin, the scuffle lasted 3 turns before Robin was downed. However he recovered the next turn.

Batman was also held up by some other lackeys in the form of Blades & Sickle. He was eventually able to overcome them both.

The Riddler managed to get his plot point & then made it to the Major Plot, summoning his escape

A Helicopter, which whisked him away. The game was tied at 10VP each. Both The Penguin & Harley Quinn had been KO'd.

Thanks to Bob for bringing out his wonderful setup & for the game!


  1. Absolutely wonderful, what an amazing set up.

    1. It certainly was Michael! He has done a fantastic job creating a gritty Gotham!