Sunday, June 11, 2017

How Time Flies

It seems to have been quite some time since I've managed to get a post in. That isn't to say I haven't being doing stuff, it's just not painting stuff except for my continuing to work through getting my Egyptian Dungeon tiles painted ( repetitive 3 stages of prep, yellow, army painter dip), so I didn't feel it was blog worthy. It will get showcased once it starts getting used in games.

I've also been busy attending & having our own Garage Sale yesterday, so that's eaten up a lot of my free time, getting stuff prepped, priced & set up in the garage, followed by the tear down & boxing up of all the things that didn't sell for next year.

However I did get to the club Tuesday night. I played some CCA with Bob & Scott. Kevin, Alan & Elliot played a 3 player game of Shadow Armageddon. Quite the table they brought to battle over!

I've also had a few more Kickstarters arrive. Reaper Bones III, Dark Souls Core game

As well as Mythos, a Lovcraftian Skirmish Game. I picked up 3 of the groups in the Kickstarter. All the miniatures are resin.

Now that most of the events that have been eating up my weekends are done until the fall, I can perhaps get some more painting time in.

I am also prepping the table for our next Frostgrave game on the 25th.

Cheers for now!


  1. That really is quite an outstanding looking table Terry - wow!

    1. Thanks Michael. Both Kevin & Elliot are quite adept painters, that often leave me with a bit of drool on my shirt when I see their stuff.

  2. I look forward to seeing your Egyptian Terrain Tiles. What do you think of the material they are made of? Do you think they will chip or break easily?

    I was also looking at picking up a set of these tiles.


    1. Hi Brent, I would say they are certainly not as durable as your Dwarven Forge stuff & if they were to tumble off the table, could indeed snap or chip. However with that said, a bit of superglue would likely make for some interesting cracked walls & floors (not that I will intentionally do this!) There were some issues in the early stages of the shipping & the company started providing a small tube of glue to repair them in later shipments. I didn't have any broken pieces in my order.